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Weibo Drama

After the dinner, the family of four made their way home with their hands filled with gifts. The family joked as they made their way to the car, and the ride was also filled with laughter. Yunqing once again was really grateful for her second chance at life seeing the smiles on her family’s faces. 

When they finally got home it was always around ten o’clock so everybody made their way to their rooms. Yunqing did her skincare and decided to take some pictures of her bare face and posted them on her Weibo with the caption, ‘Good night~’. She didn’t think much of the picture and went to sleep right after without knowing how much noise these pictures made.

{I thought people said she had surgery, but her bare face doesn’t show that?} Nosyauntie commented.

{I agree with upstairs! I am an assistant nurse for a plastic surgeon and this is definitely not the look of someone who had plastic procedures done.} Tigress999 commented.

{Rich people’s plastic surgeries will always look natural!} Ilikemeloneating commented.

{Upstairs, why are you such a hater?} Haterdetector commented.

Immediately a fight went down about whether Yunqung had plastic surgery or not. Many believed she did and many believed she didn’t. It wasn’t until a well-known plastic surgeon released his analysis that the fight stopped. The people who said that she had plastic procedures were slapped hard and the people who said she didn’t gloated at their misfortunes. With so many people liking and commenting, Yunqing’s post reached the number three hot search. The next morning Yunqing woke up to her family’s questioning gaze.

“Did I do something wrong?” Yunqing asked as she came down the stairs. She was wearing a light blue dress. She had freshly painted press-on nails. Her makeup was done lightly, and she had some blue eye shadow to match her dress. Her heels were also blue, and in her hands was a channel bag.

“Did you not check Weibo this morning?” Lijuan asked as he held up her phone.

“What’s going on on Weibo?” Yunqing asked as she sat at the table.

“Here just check it,” Lijuan responded as she passed her phone on the Yunqing.

“Oh, I guess the pictures caused a commotion huh?” Yunqing responded nonchalantly as she scrolled on Weibo.

“You’re okay honey? Do you want to sue the people leaving hate comments?” Liang Jingyu asked worriedly.

“I am fine mom, it’s not like that will stop them,” Yunqing assured as she gave the phone back to Lijuan.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Eat before the food gets cold,” Liang Jingyu agreed. 

After eating, the family dispersed and they each went their way. Yunqing first brought her sister to school before going to hers. When she got to class many people were looking at her as if they were trying to pierce through her. Seeing how much attention she had gotten she knew it was probably because they saw what went down on Weibo.

“Miss pretentious! Why don’t you admit to having your face done?” Yun Meixui mocked.

“Ummm because it’s not done?” Yunqing responded in a confused tone, embarrassing Yun Meixiu.

“Meixiu, just leave it be and seat down,” Yaoyan gently reminded Yun Meixiu. This girl kept on getting her in trouble with her small brain. A well-known plastic surgeon came out and said that she didn’t have any plastic surgery so why was this girl still insisting on picking a fight?

“I advise you to listen to your best friend,” Yunqing said in a mocking tone before going to her seat.

She sat in the middle row with Bai Ling, a gentle girl who like to mind her own business. She and Yunqing hit it off and could be considered acquaintances now. Bai Ling was one of the few girls who had made it clear that she disliked Yaoyan outright and told her that she was pretentious. Yaoyan tattled on her to Alexander Wang and he, of course, tried to take action against her but Bai Ling’s mom was a household name in the fashion and design industry. She was known for working with whom she liked, not who paid her. When Bai Ling’s mother, Bai Rong learned what Yaoyan did to her daughter she almost ended her career but Alexander Wang and  Liu Jaoling went to beg her, she forgave her for the sake of it being a first offense. 

But in the book, it showed Bai Ling was a cannon fodder who bullied Yaoyan and that her mother tried to end her career but the powerful fiance and loving father took care of it for her. So instead of Yaoyan being bullied as the book said, she was just dumb enough to shoot her own foot by trying to be a white lotus.

Yunqing enjoyed such misfortunes so she and Bai Ling joked about it. She could feel the piercing eyes of Yaoyan as she joked with Bai Ling. She wasn’t as dumb or naive as Yaoyan to think that her family background and money would take care of everything. Some people had influence that power and money couldn’t move, and a great example of this is Bai Rong. A widow who managed to become the best designer and China with no background along with a small child. Her story inspired people, and her designs were always outstanding. With so many people on her side, could Alexander Wang just end her career? The answer is no, and that’s why he had to beg for Yaoyan. 

One of the most important things in fashion is networking, no matter how hard you work if you don’t have affluential people in the circle willing to associate themselves with you and share your designs then you will most likely fail in your fashion career. But Yaoyan really seemed to think that as long as there was money and power she could succeed in everything. As Yunqing was thinking about this stuff the teacher walked in.

No matter how gentle Chen Ling was, he was an elite after all so on their second day they were given their first assignment. To sketch an outfit that would best represent them as people. Yunqing for some reason felt that this assignment would be hard. She really didn’t know what defined her as a person.

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