You and Jenna❤️😻(fem reader)

You and jenna get ready for vacation🤩

It’s 2 days before the vacation to Mexico, but as each minute goes by Jenna get more and more nervous. “Hey it’s time to book the tickets” you said while you had your laptop in your arm. Jenna just sighs and nodes trying her best to put a fake smile on. These past few days you can tell that Jenna was nervous about the trip. You ask Jenna what’s wrong but she will not tell you and just says it’s better to not say. You sit down next to Jenna and you run your fingers through Jenna’s hair to calm her down.

She smiles and lays her head on your shoulder. “Let’s see what we have here” u say while clicking through the flight website. ” ahh I found tickets” you say while trying to order them. ” do we really have to go” she says sitting up ” I think your mum made it clear that we have to go, she’s called u over and over telling us we must go”. You said looking at Jenna. ” I know but I just can’t do it!” She said while looking at her hands. “Jenna just tell me what’s bothering you, and maybe you might feel better about it”.

You said rubbing her back she sighs once again playing with her rings that are on her fingers. Her hair falls done in front of her face you reach out your hand to fix her hair. As you touched her she flinches like u were about to hit her. “Jenna” you said with a soft and concerned face. ” it’s nothing” she said tucking her hair behind her ears.

You didn’t want to make her upset just like u did a few nights ago. So you decide to hug and kiss her to comfort her. “I can tell u some” she said turning to you. ” only if your ready” you say putting your hands around her. She sighs and takes a deep breath in ” I don’t want to go b-because t-th” she stutters. You decide to be patient while she’s trying to tell u. “I don’t want to go because I hate them” right after she said that you knew that’s not what she was going to say. You gulp “why?” You said while shivering knowing Jenna will probably kill you.

Instead of storming out of the room Jenna continues  ” i hate them because they treat me like shit okay? And Ik that they will talk shit about me in front of you. That’s not the worst part but they will probably treat you like a fucking dog and not give u any respect you deserve.”  She said while tearing up, but you were beyond shocked that she actually told u what’s been bothering her because she’s not the type of person who opens up easily about things.

“Aww jenna you know I will protect you” ” no that’s the thing u can’t say anything if they insult me” ” why” you said gulping thickly. ” because you don’t wanna unleash there inner demons” she said looking dead set at you. ” oh okay” you said nervously chuckling. ” no I’m being serious there fucked up people and have done shit I can’t say” your eyes widen realising how serious she’s being.

She gets up from u and she walks away, you know not to grab her or anything because she needs time to cool off especially after telling u this. You scroll through your phone while you can hear Jenna doing her skincare to try and process. But you know she’s calm when she comes up to you and acts like herself again. That’s one thing u learnt from her recently.

After a few minutes you can shes calm and comes back hugging you. It’s the next day and you guys must pack for vacation since your leaving at 8am tomorrow. Jenna takes out the suitcases and starts packing and u join along. You guys had fun throwing clothes at each other and having a whole ass fashion show before finishing up.

You decided to shower while Jenna was downstairs cooking before hopping in. You realised that you have packed your shampoos and skin care in Jenna’s suitcase. So you decide to grab it out since Jenna would need it as well. You open her suit case and start ruminating through her suitcase. While checking under neath the clothes you hear rattling noises. You were confused and keep looking for the sound. Suddenly you see a hole inside of her case you just think nothing of it and reached your hand in there.

You get a hold of something not knowing what it is so u start to pull it out. You gasped as you pulled a gun, you dropped it on the floor while you crawled backwards. You breathe heavily while hearing footsteps “y/n is everything okay, I heared a thumb” she said yelling at the bottom of the stairs. You jumped while putting your hand on you chest. ” yeah I accidentally dropped my phone” you said while trying to hear if she was coming upstairs. ” oh okay just letting you know dinner is nearly ready” she said while you listened her leave back to the kitchen.

You look down at the gun still scared to touch it. But your stupid self still when up to the gun and picked it up. You looked at with your eyes widen and feeling a big lump in your throat. You thought while looking at it you realised that Jenna is speaking the truth. Your eyes widen even more ” is her family that bad that she has to bring a gun” you said muttering under your breathe. You quickly put the gun back into the ripped hole inside the suit case. You made sure that everything was neat after that u zipped it back up. You stoop up and went to the shower.

You showered that night without any body shampoo and hair shampoo. After showering and getting dressed you went down stairs to have dinner. While eating u didn’t say a word or even look at Jenna. You just sat there chewing effortlessly, while Jenna didn’t notice a thing. ” let’s go to bed y/n we have to wake up early” she said yawning ” you nodded” following Jenna to her room. You both get into bed cuddling, you usually love this moment of the day. But after seeing what was in Jenna’s suitcase you couldn’t help but feel awkward. Jenna still doesn’t notice and hugs you while falling asleep. That night you couldn’t sleep at all thinking about every worst case scenario.

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