Yeh Raha Dil [Completed]


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And I can’t tell you di how much better I always used to feel after this. You are truly a blessing for me given to me by Allah Almighty.

Please always stay by me. I want to keep our bond and friendship for lifetime. I want to cherish it always..

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“Aah…” A painful shriek left khushi’s mouth as she opened her eyes to feel herself lying on a bed. Looking around, she tried to recognize the room she was in but failed miserably.

Where am I??

How did I reach here???

I was with the family in my mehndi than how come I am here at an unknown place??

Who bought me here??

Where are others and where is Arnav-ji??


Khushi sat up on the bed as the thought rushed in her mind. Looking around she found her veil away from her body, hanging down the bed. A sudden fear gripped her heart. Moving quickly, she picked it and wrapped it around her body. Her heart thudding in her chest with dread and dismay. What her six sense was telling wasn’t appreciatable at all. She was feeling pure danger, slowly crawling towards her.

Khushi felt all her senses going numb. Her heart was beating wildly in fear. She just wanted to get out of the place. Getting up from the bed, she moved towards the door and started knocking it loudly.

“Open the door, please, is someone there???” She yelled banging her fist on the door but no one responded.

Tears started rolling down her cheeks.She started looking around, checking the walls to look for a way to get out but there wasn’t even a single window present. There were only walls on all the four sides of the room. It was a large room with a double bed. Two corners were present on either sides of the bed with vases on them.

Moving towards the door, khushi started banging it again with all her might. She was still present in the same attire from the function. The only difference now was her tear strikened face and crumbled clothes.

“Open the door, please… is someone there???” Khushi shouted but to no avail.

Hey Devi Maiya….Plzz save me. Plzz protect me from every bad thing..

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