With Abandon(BWAM)

W E L C O M E & C A S T

Are you looking for a clean read with Christian themes?Search no more!

This collection has three amazing romantic stories that will make you laugh, smile, sigh, grumble, and smile once again because of the guaranteed happy ending!

All three stories are stand-alone and are ready for you to enjoy.His Serendipity•With AbandonBy Grace*

•this story has triggers listed for the chapters. *This story has mature content; mentions verbal abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse. Viewer’s discretion is advised-

This is my newest story, With Abandon. It came to me in an instant after I prayed for assistance and guidance with a new story.

UPDATED: 3/31/22+4/10/22

(I have just revised this story, removing things that went against my purity guidelines for this story. Some things are the same, others have been completely removed, and the rest has just been revised.

My goal is to have a good story, an authentic story, without much sensuality. Minimal things are fine, but descriptive things can sometimes get a little too explicit and I’m not about that anymore. 

4/10/22 This story has now been added to a new collection of three stories, now called the Clean Reads Collection. )

Instead of being able to actually start on the stories that I already have drafted, God placed this story on my heart.

So, no sex and minimal cursing, other than that, we’re good! I just really want this story to be genuine, which I think it will be.

Our male lead will not be a millionaire or a billionaire. He will be a regular engineer. There will be no crazy exes that will ruin the story.

Daniel is a hardworking man, he works as an engineer, and since he works full time he barely gets any time with his kids. This is why he hires, Tyra.

No mother’s plotting against the female lead. Nothing crazy. I just really wanted to make this different. And I’m sure you’ll find a few stories that have the same kind of plot as mine, I personally haven’t seen any which is why I’m writing this.

One more thing and then I’ll let you take a look at the beautiful, yet small cast.

I really appreciate getting feedback, whether it’s a comment or even a star. Just let me know what you think!

Without further ado,

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