What He Really Wants

Scorned Phase 1

I woke up the usual way, staring at the ceiling, the harsh wind of the harmattan banging on the windows. It’s been four years already. Still feels like yesterday though. I’ve been waking with a sense of vengeance these days though. Who am I kidding. I’ve been waking with a sense of vengeance for four years now. The feeling has become a part of me for so long, it’s as natural as breathing. I got out of bed and walked into the shower cubicle in the bathroom. Turning the shower on full blast, I let the hot water pour down on my back, the scalding heat, doing nothing to melt the iciness in my body. I made a mental note to call Ade after my breakfast. I got out of the shower and dressed up quickly in jeans and a black hooded sweater. I considered wearing gloves and socks to battle the cold but thought better of it. The coldness in my body went with the one outside. The kitchen cabinet was empty when I opened it. Mama Aisha, my help, probably forgot to restock my kitchen again. I found a half empty carton of Good morning cornflakes. I found the name ironic for the fact there was actually nothing good about the morning. Great. I hated the cereal already. I would have to go out now to get food from the market since Mama Aisha won’t be coming in till 4 o’clock. I checked my wall clock. It was almost noon. The traders at Kasuwan Dolé (Forced Market) would be open by now I guess. I took my keys and let myself out of my three bedroom apartment. It was obviously too big for one person but I needed all the space I could get anyway. The trek from my house to the market wasn’t so long and since I needed the exercise, it was a perfect two birds, one stone situation. I bought the necessary ingredients for groundnut soup and cartons of cereal, as well as a tin of Peak and Milo each. I bought extra toiletries too. Who knows what else Mama Aisha forgot again right? I just hope she’d come in earlier today though. The house was in a mess and I seriously needed healthy food on my bones. I got home in time to see a call from Ade. The computer guru would definitely live long. I was just thinking of him. “Hey,” his voice boomed at the other end the I picked up “I’ve got something you might want to hear.” “It’s about time. Abeg show” “I’m almost at your area. Food dey?” “Who be your mate? Abeg show O jare””Tor I dey come.” I hung up and wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans. I’ve been tracking one person for over a year now and still hadn’t got a grab on things. I hope Ade’s ‘something’ would be worth hearing. I’d hate to feel anxious for nothing. I made another bowl of cereal, a good one this time, and drowned myself in the crunchy goodness. Anything to forget for a while. I switched on the television to the news. He was on it, lying like his life depended on it . In a way, it did. I almost feel sad for him. He had no idea what was coming. The news anchor was saying something about an election. I turned up the volume on the remote. Seemed like Chief Suleiman was campaigning again for a second tenure. I bet he wasn’t satisfied with the slices of national cake that has obviously bloated his ugly tummy. They never get satisfied anyway. The doorbell chimed and let Ade in. “What have you got for me” I asked the moment he stepped in.”What we’ve been waiting for to get a hold on Chief Asshole” “Good. Let’s get started then” He passed a thick brown envelope to me and I glanced through, it’s contents bringing a smile on my face.”Eeesh. I know I said you never smile but now I advice you to never smile. Ever” “Too bad. It seems I’d be smiling a lot from today.”


‘Abeg show o jare’ : ‘Please come over”Tor I dey come’ : ‘Alright I’m on my way’

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