Wally darling x y/n

Wally x y/n

Y/n moved into the neighborhood a few months ago. Everything was fine but something was off. Wally darling’s house had eyes, y/n would see Wally staring at them from the window with a malicious look in his eyes. One day y/n decided to ask him about it, “Wally why are you always staring at me?” Wally replied, “I stare at you so you  know I see you neighbor, now don’t ask anymore questions.” Days went by and y/n questioned more and more, y/n knew something was off. Wally noticed and took you away while y/n was asleep.y/n woke up inside Wally’s house on his bed. Y/n looks around frantically trying to know where they are, “W-where am I!” Y/n screamed “you have been a very….naughty neighbor y/n..” Wally climbed onto the bed placing his hand on y/n’s cheek y/n blushes but was still angry at Wally for doing this to them,”Wally! Why am I here! Why!”,”you have been a very bad neighbor….asking to many questions that shouldn’t be asked,I would have killed you…but I could do something else” Wally replied. Wally places his hand on y/n’s collar and looks into their eyes. “Hahaha….I always thought you were so cute..I’ve always wanted to do this.” Y/n shivers in fear but is blushing, “ah so you like this that’s good~ now let my just handle this for you” Wally reaches down and pulls off y/n pajama pants and see a buldge in their underwear “why neighbor it seems like you want this as well….” Wally pulls down y/n boxers and places his hand on their cock. “Just lay back, and enjoy my sweet neighbor, I will never let anyone have you…you are mine forever you are never allowed to leave me..” Wally opens his mouth and the hand inside his mouth comes out and starts stroking y/n’s cock,”you like that y/n? You are such a naughty neighbor..I should punish you” Wally pulls down his rainbow striped pants and pulls out his dick “now start sucking y/n” y/n crawls to him and slowly slides Wally’s dick into their mouth while blushing “oh, fuck yeah~ have you done this before? I should have known, you are so naughty” Wally grabs y/n’s head and thrust their entire dick down their throat while smirking.Y/n gags and coughs while sucking on Wally’s dick. “Oh is someone having trouble? Well then I should speed this up~” Wally speeds up the thrusting face fucking them fast, after a minute of the thrusting Wally screams out, “I’m cumming! Take it all down! Swallow it all!”He cums down y/n’s throat with y/n swallowing it all. “You are such a good neighbor y/n, but we aren’t done quite yet, haha~” “what do you mean..?” Asked y/n “oh my naughty neighbor you’ll see” said Wally. Wally grabs y/n and lays them face first on the bed, “this will feel just great~”  Wally slowly slides his dick into y/n ass and starts thrusting. “A-AH~” moaned y/n, “oh y/n you are so tight! I could use you forever! I’m so close already…oh my sweet neighbor” y/n pants as they are fucked by Wally,”At a loss for words I see” says Wally. He fucks y/n for 16 minutes until, “oh- I’m cumming! I’m putting it all in your ass!” Wally cums into y/n before collapsing next to them and placing his hand on their cheek. “I love you Wally” says y/n “I love you too, my sweet wonderful neighbor” Wally giggles and pulls y/n into a loving embrace and cuddles them until they fall asleep. “I love you my neighbor.” Wally kisses the top of y/n’s head and falls asleep.

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