Vendetta (Giyuu Tomioka x reader)

6○ Toad

Night was coming, the sun setting in the sky turning it bright orange, an ombre across the sky slowly fading to a dark indigo where the moon would soon ascend into the sky.

You were beginning to get anxious, the thought of running into another demon making your heart pound faster.

There was a rustling in some reeds next to you and you jumped, grabbing onto Giyuu’s side nervously. Whatever it was ran away in the opposite direction, its feet audible against the crunchy forest foliage.

He didn’t seem to mind you holding onto him, he didn’t even really react when you practically hid behind him, only keeping the same pace down the dirt path.

You opted out of walking by yourself, keeping your hands on his arm as you tried not to get to paranoid. He stopped walking and you accidentally bumped into his side with a quiet squeak.

“We can rest here until morning.” He spoke up.

You peered curiously around him and saw a small temple in a open space clear of any trees unlike the surrounding area.

He lead the way up a few stairs and in through the wooden doors. The floor was polished wood with an unlit alter and a few tables scattered about with two furnaces against the wall across from the doors.

He closed the doors behind you before walking to a wall and sitting against it. You followed and sat next to him, curling your legs to your chest, resting your hands on top of your knees and your chin on top of your hands.

You blinked tiredly and looked over at Giyuu. His eyes were shut but his body was rigid and upright so you knew he wasn’t sleeping or even possibly trying to.

Sighing you slumped down the wall until you were laying on your side, facing him and using your arm as a pillow.

His arm was resting against his sword like earlier and it gave you a sense of protection and reassurance. You shut your eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep, exhausted from the day.



You woke up yourself the next morning. Having had a dreamless sleep.

E/c eyes opened and you let out a low groan as your body ached from laying on the hard floor all night.

Sitting up slowly, you noticed that Giyuu was in the same position as last night. Legs crossed, body rigid and in a proper sitting position, arm resting against his sword.

The only difference was that his eyes were open. To your surprise he didn’t look tired at all.

Lost in thought, you jumped a bit when you noticed him looking over at you.

“S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” you blushed lightly, “Its just- did you sleep at all?”

He was silent for a moment before he responded, “No, but I rested.”

“That’s kinda vague…”

He stood up after that, you doing the same.

“We should continue.” He said, stretching a bit.

You rubbed your sore back lightly with a small nod of agreement. So you followed him outside, back onto the dirt path.

It was quiet for a long while, nothing but the sounds of nature, and you were pretty bored.

“So, what’s it like being a demon slayer? My family worked with them alot but I’ve never personally met one before.” You hummed.

He paused for a moment, eyes traveling up in thought, “It’s hard work.”

You deadpanned, “Heh, surely you have more to say about it than that.”

He turned to you a bit, the dappled lighting giving him a mysterious look.

“I kill demons. It’s hard work, not to be taken lightly.”

“You’re really serious about it.” You sighed and perked up again, “So what’s that sword you carry around?”

“The nichirin blade, they’re made of a special metal and are one thing that can kill demons other than the sun.” He replied, gripping the handle of the sword.

You pulled your lips into a tight line, narrowing your eyes a bit at him. You then sighed and slowed your pace so you were walking behind him again.

Looking down at the dirt as you walked, you caught sight of a brown colored thing near you.

Moving your curious gaze over, you saw a toad. A wide grin formed on your lips and you stopped walking to step closer to the small amphibian.

Kneeling down, you quickly grabbed it and stood, looking at it with stars in your eyes.

Giyuu notice the lack of your presence and turned around to see what you were doing.

“Your names gonna be Freddy.” You smirked.

The toad squirmed around in your hands and, thanks to its slippery skin, it managed to escape your grip. You flailed your arms trying to get it back in your hands as it leapt around on your arms.

You caught it with one hand against your shoulder that was injured with a victorious shout. It wiggled some more and slipped past your fingers, leaping shortly across you before falling into your shirt.

The blood drained from your face and you reached your hand into your shirt with a disgusted whine as the toad slithered across your chest and stomach, making you feel more than uncomfortable.

“Ew! No! Get out of there!” You cried, feeling squeamish as you felt its little toad feet pushing against your skin.

Shuddering, you pulled your shirt out of its tucked position in your pants and opened it, the toad immediately bolting for the undergrowth as you wiped your skin furiously.

“And just like that, I dont like toads.” You grumbled, hugging yourself and glaring where the toad had disappeared.

“You seem to be having fun.”

You turned to Giyuu with a short glare before rolling your eyes.

“I was bored, I was hoping that having a toad around would keep me occupied for at least a little.” you sighed.

You stood up and dusted off your pants. His eyes widened a bit and he turned away from you.

“You should close your shirt.”

Turning red, you quickly closed and tucked your shirt. Letting out a flustered sigh you spoke, “Let’s just go.”

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