Types of Keyboard Available for Computer


When it comes to computers, there are a plethora of physical components that play an important role in the overall functionality of a computer system. A keyboard is one such component that serves as a bridge between the user and the computer. It allows for the input of data and commands, making it an essential part of the computer. With technological advancements, keyboards have evolved significantly, and there are now various types of keyboards available for different computer needs. In this article, we will discuss the types of keyboards available for computers.

1. Standard Keyboard:
The most common type of keyboard is the standard keyboard, also known as a QWERTY keyboard. The name QWERTY comes from the first six letters in the top left corner of the keyboard. This type of keyboard has been around since the beginning of computers and is still widely used today. It consists of 104 keys and includes numeric keys, alphabet keys, function keys, and special keys such as Enter, Shift, and Backspace. It is designed in a way that mimics a typewriter, making it easy for users to transition from traditional typing methods.

2. Ergonomic Keyboard:
As the name suggests, an ergonomic keyboard is designed to provide a more comfortable and natural typing experience. It is specially designed to reduce strain and muscle tension on the hands and wrists, making it ideal for those who type for extended periods. It has a split-key design that allows the hands to stay in a neutral position while typing, reducing the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive strain injuries. An ergonomic keyboard can come in many shapes and sizes, such as a curved or angled keyboard.

3. Gaming Keyboard:
Gamers, especially those who play fast-paced games, require a keyboard that can handle their quick reflexes and provide a seamless gaming experience. That’s where a gaming keyboard comes in. It is designed with features such as programmable keys, backlighting, and anti-ghosting technology to ensure that every keypress is registered accurately. Some gaming keyboards also come with additional keys for macros, making it easier for players to execute complex commands with just one key press.

4. Virtual Keyboard:
A virtual keyboard is a touch screen keyboard that appears on the computer screen, eliminating the need for a physical keyboard. It is beneficial for devices with touch screens or for people who have limited space for a traditional keyboard. The virtual keyboard also has the advantage of being customizable, allowing users to adjust the size, layout, and font of the keys according to their preferences.

5. Smart Keyboard:
A smart keyboard is a type of keyboard that comes with advanced capabilities such as prediction, autocorrection, and shortcuts. It is designed to make typing faster and more convenient for users. Smart keyboards can learn and adapt to a user’s typing habits and adjust accordingly, making the typing experience more efficient. They are commonly used on smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

6. Wireless Keyboard:
As the name suggests, a wireless keyboard does not require any physical connections to the computer. It uses radio frequency or Bluetooth technology to connect to a computer, making it a great option for those who prefer a clutter-free workspace. Wireless keyboards can also be easily moved around and used with multiple devices, making them a popular choice for people on the go.

In conclusion, these are some of the most common types of keyboards available for computers. Each type has its own set of features and benefits, catering to different user needs. With the variety of options available, it is essential to choose a keyboard that best suits your requirements and provides a comfortable and efficient typing experience. So, the next time you’re in the market for a new keyboard, keep these options in mind and choose the one that fits your needs perfectly.