Trapped in a box with you (Obanai x...

Together Forever (Happy Ending)


Obanai POV

I can’t believe it, it’s over, no more demons, no more slayers, no more hashiras…I hope they all rest in peace.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my loved one.It’s been two years since we started dating, and I was planning something, a date.Not just a regular date but something much better…

Tomioka POV

Wow, everything ended like a flash, all the works and everything are not necessary anymore. And also I decided to cut my hair, I did promise myself that anyways, I kinda hesitated at first but my love, Obanai said it looked good so I wasn’t worried anymore.

Suddenly a crow came in, I thought it was for a mission of some sort so I was ready to grab my katana, only to realise it wasn’t even there, I mentally slapped myself, old habits.


I took the letter and read it:

” Too Tomioka Giyuu

My dearest love, we haven’t seen each other since we came back from the butterfly estate, I hope your doing well and recovered.Anyways straight to the point, Date night, Tomorrow, I’ll pick you up at 2.

– love Obanai Iguro “

I smiled to myself, I loved how he could make these simple words sound so romantic.

I grabbed a piece of paper and a feather, I started writing.

“Of course, can’t wait I’ll be waiting 😉

– your Giyuu Tomioka”

Timeskip tomorrow at 2 because why not 😭

Obanai POV

I arrived at the former Water Estate, I knocked on the door, I heard a “IM COMING” and footsteps, waiting patiently for my boyfriend or soon to be fiancé (hopefully) to open the door.

And soon enough I tall man opened the door, I scanned his features.More like his outfit; he had a beautiful blue yukata (for men) on with his usual mismatched haori.I wasn’t used to his new haircut, but I had to admit, he looked very hot yet cute.

“Oh! Obanai! Just on time! Do you want to come in or are we going immediately”

I didn’t want to be rude but I was kinda in a rush, I planned the exact time we will arrive and where the sun should be located to make the moment even more dramatic but yet romantic.

“Oh that’s really nice of you, but it’s not necessary” I replied.

He shrugged “meh ok let’s go”

Tomioka POV

Our walk was peaceful, and quiet, comfortable though. We did have little conversations about our health and how we were doing, but nothing special.

When they arrived 😭

When we finally arrived after a 40 min walk, I was stunned.By the beauty of this place.It was a Sakura garden but something about it was special, how the sun was placed right in the middle of the round door,

Kind of like this ^^

How there was no single human soul to be seen, I was mesmerised.Suddenly Obanai came and held my hands while we were standing on the bridge.

“Giyuu Tomioka, the love of my life, we have been together for over two years now, and yet we still survived the war with Muzan. I told myself that, if we survive this war I would make you something to me that is special, because you are special in my heart, I was wrong in the past, you aren’t a egoistic and stubborn person at all, and for this I want to ask you this important question…”

My heart started racing, what was he going to say? What is happening? Is this a joke?

“Tomioka Giyuu, will you marry me and be mine forever?”……….


I love you guys so much, thank you too all the readers also the ones that were here from the beginning, shout out to you all!

This is the end of this story, maybe just maybe I might write a special chapter, or I’m going to start a new book!

Sophia, peace out!

Word count: 671 words

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