Top Launcher Apps for Android Devices


When it comes to personalizing an Android device, one of the first things users look for is a custom launcher. A launcher is an essential app that allows users to change the appearance and functionality of their device’s home screen, app drawer, widgets, and other elements. With so many options available on the Google Play Store, choosing the right launcher can be overwhelming. To make your selection process easier, we have compiled a list of the top launcher apps for Android devices.

1. Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher has been a fan favorite for years due to its highly customizable features. With this launcher, users can change the size and layout of their home screen, add new gestures, create folder groups, and change app icons. It also offers a “night mode” feature that changes the color palette of the interface, making it easier on the eyes during the evening. The free version of Nova Launcher provides the majority of its features, but the paid version, Nova Launcher Prime, unlocks additional features like app hiding and custom app drawer tabs.

2. Action Launcher
Action Launcher is known for its unique and innovative features, making it stand out from other launchers on the market. Its most popular feature is “Quicktheme,” which automatically changes the color scheme of the launcher to match the user’s current wallpaper. It also offers gesture-based controls, a customizable app drawer, and a unique “Shutters” feature which allows users to swipe a shortcut on an app icon to reveal its widget. The free version of Action Launcher is excellent, but the paid version, Action Launcher Plus, provides additional features like custom app icons and a “Shutters” option for all apps.

3. Microsoft Launcher
Formerly known as Arrow Launcher, Microsoft Launcher has made a name for itself as one of the most productive and efficient launchers for Android. It offers a clean and organized home screen layout and lets users access their Microsoft Office documents and tasks from the home screen. Its “Continue on PC” feature allows users to seamlessly switch between their phone and their Windows computer, making it an excellent option for those who work on multiple devices. Microsoft Launcher is free to download and use, but it requires a Microsoft account to access certain features.

4. Lawnchair Launcher
For those who prefer a stock Android experience, Lawnchair Launcher is an excellent option. It offers the clean and minimalistic design of Google’s Pixel launcher with the added benefit of customization. Users can change the grid size of their home screen, add a Google feed, and choose from different icon packs. The latest version, Lawnchair V2, includes additional features such as notification dots and app shortcuts. It is free to download and use, with the option to donate to support the developers.

5. Evie Launcher
Evie Launcher is a fast and lightweight launcher with a straightforward and intuitive interface. It offers a customizable home screen layout, gesture controls, and a search bar that can search for apps, contacts, and even information on the web. One of its unique features is the ability to lock the app drawer with a pin, making it an excellent option for privacy-conscious users. Evie Launcher is free to download and use, with the option to purchase its “premium” version for additional features like unread count badges and custom shortcuts.

In conclusion, having a good launcher is essential for optimizing the overall user experience on an Android device. With the right launcher app, users can customize their device according to their preferences and make it more efficient and productive. While there is no shortage of launcher apps on the Google Play Store, these top five launchers stand out for their unique features and high level of customization. So, go ahead and try them out to give your Android device a fresh and personalized look.