Tokyo Revengers one shot

Naoto Tachibana Part 3 (I still remember)

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Y/n pov

‘NO! I am not leaving Japan!’ I yelled over the phone.

‘Y/n, you have to come with me.’ Yuki calmly stated.

‘Why me!’

‘I am your mentor damnit! Listen to me you brat.’

‘I don’t want to! Yuri will completely steal Naoto away.’

‘I thought you wanted revenge?’

‘I- FINE! I will go with you, but you will pay for my therapist if both of them get married when we return.’

‘Don’t worry, I can even kill both of them for you.’

‘The heck, don’t say such cheesy words.’

‘That’s not even half as cheesy as I can go. Darling ~’ Yuki sang trying to pissed me off.


‘Sure baby.’

‘You sound so gay right now.’

‘I am straighter than a metal pole. I already lost my virginity at least, better than someone ~’ She teased. I hope I can rip her throat out from her neck.

‘Shut up, I am hanging up.’

‘Alright, alright, I will stop. Pack your things, we are leaving tomorrow.’


‘Yes, we are going to work, not vacation. Bring light clothes and your basic daily supplies.’

‘Alright. I swear if Yuri and Naoto ended up getting married, I will need the top tier therapist and you will be broke by then.’ With that I hung up.

She sounds so much like my grandmother that is constantly yelling at me no matter what I do. But I appreciate her alot. Even if I have to leave Naoto in the end, I will still be happy since I still have Yuki. I will just get drunk and waste every day for a month and forget about him. I will make Yuki pay for my drink.

Just then, I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. I turned around but I just saw a car that had black tinted glass. I felt weird and uneasy so I just sped up my pace and left.

Naoto pov

The next day, I went to the police station early to bring breakfast for everyone. To be honest, I want to give only to Y/n but I am afraid that she will feel uneasy at my sudden change of attitude.

Last night, Yuri came back late so I just left without wanting to see her face. I am afraid that I might lose control and cuff her and bring her here for no reason.

I will calm myself down and decide what I should do to her. Maybe I can drug her and make her suffer from redrawer symptoms. Or should I set up a murder scene? Maybe just expose her betrayer towards the police and country for her to get a life sentence.

Argh, so many evil thoughts popped out in my head. I will just win Y/n back and let her deal with Yuri as she has the most sadistic and most interesting way. Maybe I can make this my apology gift for her.

‘I brought you all breakfast.’ I said while spotting a certain black hair tiny figure that is always sticking with the white hair tall female. I cannot see her anywhere. Normally, she will just dash out when someone is giving free food but she is nowhere to be found.

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