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(Ellie) (Finished)

Song suggestion: I got you babe

Love interest: Ellie

Warnings: Slight cussing, sneaking out, kissing.

Y/n’s pronouns: She/her


Ellie pushes the piece of metal away letting Y/n sneak through the walls of Jackson. They snuck off rarely but normally when they left Dina and Jesse would come but this time it was just the two of them. Once Y/n got out she held the piece of metal and Ellie snuck out. They let the piece go and covered it back up before they ran off. There was a little trail through the woods they’d take and then they were to a big city, Jesse, Dina, and Ellie had found it before Y/n became a part of the group. They’d normally just go to the areas closer to the woods in case they needed to get out of there fast.

As they snuck through the woods they were cautious that no clicker or runner would sneak up on them, they’d luckily never ran into a bloater while out but clickers were more common than runners.

Once they made it through the woods Ellie and Y/n looked at each other and then back at the city. 

“Let’s explore a bit farther” Ellie suggested. “I’m getting bored of the same old buildings”

“I agree.” Y/n nodded and they began to walk a bit farther down the road. “Thank god Jesse isn’t with us, ‘guys, we’re already breaking a bunch of rules by being out here.'”

Ellie laughed as you mocked Jesse.

Y/n looked to her left and saw a white and pink stained sign on the building. 

“The boutique” It read in a bit fancy cursive writing. The door was on the corner of the building and the other sides were glass with mannequins in the window, some had fancy clothes on and some were knocked over but other than that the building looked intact.

“How about there?” Y/n points to the building.

“Errr, what about down there? Dina said there was a comic book store down there” Ellie points down the other way.

“Oh come on Ellie, please! We can go check out the comic store later!” Y/n bounced in her place slightly. “Please…”

“…Fine!” Ellie rolled her eyes and followed Y/n to the boutique.

Once Y/n opened the door swiftly and a loud bell rang making both Ellie and Y/n jump, Y/n left the door open for a minute in case one ran out so they could get it but nothing happened so they walked inside cautiously. They flipped on their flashlights on and looked around. It was mostly dusty but stuff was still placed neatly on the shelf.

Ellie and Y/n split up to look at stuff. Y/n was more into fashion than Ellie, Ellie liked video games and comic books while Y/n liked fashion, clothes, and hair pins. Y/n’s entire backpack was full of pins, Ellie had even given her the space pin that she had on her backpack.

“Look at all this stuff, some of it looks antique,” Y/n said in awe. “I’ve never seen a store like this before”

“Neither have I,” Ellie said in a bored tone as she tried to like it for Y/n. “I’m surprised this store is intact”

Y/n didn’t reply which made Ellie a bit worried so she walked over and saw Y/n staring at something she soon recognized as a dress.Y/n looked back at Ellie with a soft smile then back at the dress. 

(A/N: Please think of any dress you’d like! I want to make sure it’s whatever you want, not some outdated Pinterest dress that you hate!)

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