There are Many Flowers in Tokyo

Important Wattpad Paid Stories Information

Dear Flowers,

I am humbled and honoured to let you know that There are Many Flowers in Tokyo has been selected to be a part of the Wattpad Paid Stories Program.

As you may have seen around the site, Wattpad Paid Stories Program was launched as an experiment in 2018 with a select few authors under the name Wattpad Next Beta. Many readers on the site have expressed a wish to support their favourite writers (and I am always thrilled when I receive comments expressing a hope that one day this book will be published in some manner), and Wattpad has heard what you have to say and rolled out coins which can be purchased and then exchanged to unlock story chapters.

Wattpad Paid Stories is not something that I sought out or applied for, and it is thanks to your views, reads, votes, and ongoing kindness and love that this book has caught the attention of the powers that be and is joining the list of fantastic authors and stories already enrolled.

Before you get started with the book, I want to cover off a few FAQs based on comments I’ve read on other Wattpad Paid Stories, and hopefully allay any concerns, fears, confusion and questions that you might have moving forwards.

What are coins?

You may have noticed the coin icon on your profile and elsewhere, and you can find more information about the program in general at

In summary, the coins are a currency exclusive to Wattpad which you can use to trade for stories. You can buy chapter by chapter, or you can unlock the entire book if it’s complete like this one. The cost of the coins will vary according to international exchange rates, and authors have no control over the cost of the coins, chapters, etc.

Why are you using coins instead of ads? There are ads on the app.

Wattpad Paid Stories uses a coin system rather than ad revenue. Authors don’t gain any revenue from the ads, and they can be disabled if you are a premium member. The coin system ensures that authors are paid a portion of revenue for their work.

Why can’t you just write for free? I’m poor/a student/very young!

I’m poor, too.

No, really.

I do understand that there are a lot of reasons why you may be unable to pay to read a book and these can vary from your financial situation to your age. I remember being younger and not having the financial freedom afforded to me by a job to buy all the books that I wanted to buy.

That said, I also didn’t place an expectation upon authors to write for free.

A lot of you are authors too, and you know the work that you put into your stories. You know that when you pick up a book, you are not picking up a single standalone story that appeared from nowhere. You are holding hours of study, trial and error, education in creative writing, character development, plot development and planning, writing, editing, deletion, more writing, and more editing.

Books are a part of an author’s soul, and they are hard, hard work.

We love them, obviously, but dear Lord they are hard work.

Okay, I totally get it. But I still can’t pay to read this book and I want to read your work.

You can read up to the end of Chapter Six for free. That is the point when you will hit a paywall. If you are unable to continue for the reasons outlined above but you like my writing enough to want to see what else I have to offer, then I have other books on my author profile that aren’t a part of this program and don’t require coins.

I do sincerely hope that you do elect to read this book because it was great fun to write and deeply personal to me, and I don’t think that you’ll regret it, but I am sympathetic of the things that may prevent you from proceeding.

Wattpad is meant to be a place to share free stories, and not a place to make money!

I didn’t join Wattpad with any aspiration to generate revenue from the website. In fact, when I joined the monetisation of stories wasn’t a part of the website. I joined because I love literature, like all of you, but I also love seeing authors succeed and go on exciting journeys with their books.

That said, writing is my dream.

Books are the first thing I think about when I wake up, and it’s been that way since I was six years old and first asked my mother how to write a book. I’m in my thirties now and this passion hasn’t dwindled.

I love all of you so much, and I wouldn’t be where I am without your support. I’m not taking part in this program because I’m a sell-out, or to spite you, or because I’m trying to cash in on honest readers. I’m doing it because I want this story that you all have celebrated and supported to be found by other readers, to be shared, and to touch more hearts.

I am still writing free stories and I encourage you to read them (especially if you’re into kick ass vampires and small town romances), but I also ask that you show some understanding and continue to be the beautiful Flowers you have always been, and support me in this venture because I would absolutely do the same for you and celebrate your success were our roles reserved.

What does this mean for your book in the future?

I couldn’t tell you. I hope that it means more people will find a story that has a special place in my heart and that I worked hard on for you all, but I can’t project any further than that. If I could, I would look into the future for the winning lottery numbers, win millions, buy a large house and fill it with All Of The Dogs.

Every. Single. Dog.

There are no guarantees in life, and there are no guarantees in literature, but I hope that this book can bring a little joy into the lives of its readers.

Final notes;

This was a lot longer than I’d anticipated but I want to show you guys that I do understand, and I hope you read the above and consider them before you comment below or continue reading.

I am so happy that you clicked on There are Many Flowers in Tokyo and your support has, does, and always will mean the world to me.

Much love to you all, Flowers.

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