The Wrong Number ✓

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“Come on sweetheart. Just one more bite.”


“One little bite. Come on, good girl.”

“Goo goo.”

“The aeroplane is coming. Whoosh. Open your mouth for the landing. Yes! That’s it. Good girl Keira.”

“Hey. Did she finish eating yet?”

“Um. We’re about halfway done.”

“What?! Brendan. I left you with her half an hour ago!”

“I know but she’s refusing to eat!”

“Here, give me that. Why don’t you go wake Macy up?”


“Keira, open your mouth. One spoon darling, come on. Good girl. Yum yum yum. I know right? One more yum yum coming, there… See? Of course you’re eating, aren’t you Keira?”

“Dada doesn’t know how to feed you, that’s all. But Mama can, can’t she? Of course she can. There, one more. Good girl. My Keira is such a sweetheart, isn’t she?”



“Did you jus- You just said mama!”


“Oh my God! You just said mama!! Yes darling, I’m your mama. Oh my God! Brendan?! BRENDAN!”

“What?! What happened?”

“She just spoke! She said her first words!”

“What? Really?”

“Yes!!! She said ‘mama’! Get your phone! Record this!!”

“Oh my God, yes. Of course. Keira, won’t you repeat it for dada? Come on. Say mama.”


“Did you hear that? Hayles! She just said dada. She called me!”

“I know!!”

“I’m so happy right now!”

“Me too! Good job Keira. Mama loves you. Yes, she woves you.”

“Daddy? What’s happening?”

“Macy. Nothing, don’t worry. Your sister here just spoke her first words.”




“Mommy! She just said mama!”

“I know sweetheart.”

“Do you think she can say my name yet?”

“Probably not honey. But she will be able to real soon, don’t worry.”

“Keira.  This is your big sister. Macy. I’m Macy. Can you say it? May-see. May-see.”

“Goo goo!”

“It’s okay. We can try again later.”

“Doesn’t Macy look so cute with Keira?”

“She’s going to be a great sister.”

“Just like her aunt.”

“Puh-lease. My little angel will never be as evil as Van, no way.”

“Aren’t you in for a shock.”

“Shh. You’re jinxing it.”

“I’m just preparing you for the future.”

“Well, no future of mine will have any of my little angels turning into another Vanessa. Mark my words.”

“Remember this when you’re dealing with them as teenagers.”

“Shhhhh. Don’t jinx it!!”

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