The Wedding In Miami

Thank you + New Book

I just want to thank all the people who read, voted, and commented on my chapters, especially the people who commented because reading your comments really makes me smile and motivates me to keep going. 

As always, I hope you enjoyed the book and if you want to read any of my other works, I have eight books completed now, counting this one and two ongoing, one of them being my next book.

New Book Details:

Title- Stuck For The Summer


The Brooks and the Andrews have a long history. They’re the best of friends. All of them. All, except Claire and Zeke. 

Of course, they used to be friends but then Zeke decided to help Claire’s ex-boyfriend cheat on her, and of course, that only led to hatred, crying, glaring, and constant fighting. The fact that their wedding has been planned since they were 3-years-old is beside the point. 

A summer, locked together in one beach house might be exactly what they need to cross the thin line of love and hate. One summer. One beach house. Two hearts. Two lips. 

This is what happens when they’re stuck for the summer.

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