The Unwanted Mate

Please Read 🙏

Hi guys,

It’s really been a while😌

I’ve had the best time reading your comments and feeling your support and I just want to say I really appreciate you all so much

I wrote this book while I had been in high school (secondary school) and I know it’s not exactly the best with all the typos and grammatical mistakes

So many years has passed and there has been little touches here and there but a complete editing is still yet to be done because I’ve just been too busy with life but regardless of these facts, you all have been here giving the nicest of comments and support and I just want to say a very big thank you to you (although some comments were kinda 🧐 but all is forgiven since I don’t really know how to hold a grudge😉😁)

Anyway, You all are treasures 😘

On that note I have exciting news to share

The Unwanted Mate is now officially in partnership with Story do and now is also a paid story and for that reason some parts of the story would be taken down..

It’s a really sentimental moment for me because, The Unwanted mate was first birthed here and appreciated here and it wouldn’t have come this far without you all

So in order not to make it a hasty move and to give you all time to reckon with what’s about to happen, I will be leaving the book as it is for the next five days and then some chapters would be taken down on the 22nd of March 2023

As a compensation, I will be putting up a new book on Monday 20th march 2023.

The new book ‘Wanting Lana’ is a work in process and I didn’t want to put it up until it was completed but with the turn of events and how excited I am for its release, I will be putting it up and updating as best as I can

I look forward to more of your support and encouragement for the new book

This is the cover of the new book👇🏽

Please and please, anticipate it🥺I will be waiting for you all there come Monday

Love you guys 💋Petite🙃

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