The Sweetest Seduction- Natasha x W...

Suffocate and Suffer Natasha x Reader

•born strangers, destined to be enemies•

Tall pillars burned around you; windows shattered, and iridescent light flickered off the broken shards reflecting only the flames that surrounded you. Limp bodies coated the floor as pools of blood spilt out around them.

It’s unfortunate to be one of the few to know the scent of flesh burning, blood boiling.

You swayed on your feet as the haze of the smoke floods your lungs,  standing didn’t feel so simple.

Orange sparks danced in the pupils of her eyes, her face was cold and harsh. Ashes paint dark patterns along her cheeks.

“Natasha please, you promised,” you pleaded. She didn’t seem as moved by your sorrow as you’d hoped.

Her ever-present doubts were loud. Would she keep her promise?

“Don’t leave me,” you begged as your legs gave in.

She just watched the flames grew wild, neither caring for your safety nor her own.

Her figure hid behind black sheets of smoke.

“I helped you.” Your hope began to diminish.

“You promised,” you whispered. Every next blink lasted longer than the previous until the concrete beneath your skin no longer burnt.

You held up your end of the bargain and she was to hold up hers though when the time came and didn’t seem so eager to pull you out of the ashes, but she did.

Stone bricks fell from above as she carried you out in her arms. She carried you the best she could, blood seeping from her cuts, legs weak, chest heavy.

You’d become almost content with the smoke in your lungs, the tightness no longer strangled you- that’s how you knew you were dying. When the pain stops hurting; when you become at peace with your fate.

Cold air made you choke, your eyes opened as your body crashed to the floor, her arms still around you.

You groaned in pain as the impact brought you out of your haze. She lay unresponsive beside you.

“Natasha,” you called out weakly as you attempted to nudge her. You lay there almost paralysed.

“Natasha please,” you called out for the second time that night though this was different, you awaited her response for her safety not your own and so when she didn’t utter a word you forced yourself up.

“Please,” you choked out as you lent over her. You stayed on your knees beside her. Tears streamed down your face, falling delicately onto her skin.

Through blurred vision, you attempted to brush the ash off her cheek with your thumb, careful of the wound beneath her eye.

For a moment you stopped breathing, right until you heard the sound of her gasping. That moment of relief subsided as you looked around, four walls surrounded the open courtyard where you lay.

Which way out?

Eventually, she pulled herself up. You stared at her in disbelief as reality set in.

“You could’ve left me but you didn’t.”

She shrugged, “I made you a promise.”

“I know… I would’ve hated you but I wouldn’t have blamed you,” you admitted painfully.

“I caught you, we made a deal, you help me take down hydra and then I let you go- alive,” she swallows.

Your face faltered, “but I am hydra Natasha, born and raised I am one of them you know that, there was no way to keep both ends of the bargain up.”


“You kill me and I keep up my end, hydra is gone, and if you let me go hydra still lives because you decided so- I’m the only one left.”

“Your blood and your past do not have to define you, you can choose to be good,” she told you.

“Can I though?”

Hadn’t you gone too far already, made too many bad choices?

“I think you can… so make your choice, what do you want?”

It was only then that you noticed how close you were. Your heart beat harshly against cracked rips.

You pulled her impossibly closer by her neck until your lips touched hers, you could feel her struggling for her breath. You knew how hard she was finding it because you could feel it too, the smoke slipping through the archways and spilling into your lungs.

The weight returned to your chest. Around you, you could see the fire spreading.

Each way out blocked by stone bricks and flames, the two of you stood in the centre of the courtyard surrounded by the burning walls.

“Natasha we have to get out.”

Tears collected along her waterline as she pursed her lips.

“We’re not going to make it,” she whispers.

“Natasha just help me,” you begged as you ran to the closest archway. Stones burnt your hands and you tried to pry them away.

“Y/N stop it!” She yelled.

“All we have to do is get through.”

She pulled your shoulders forcing you away from the rocks, “let go of me, don’t you want to get out?”

Sweat dripped from your forehead as you panted, gasping for air.

“Best case scenario we get through by some miracle and we walk into a burning building waiting to collapse at any minute.”

“Sheild knows you’re here they’ll come for us,” you laughed through your tears, “they’re coming.”

“Y/N,” she shouted, “can’t you hear that? Nobody is coming for us, coms are down, the buildings burning.”

“They know we’re here,” you sighed.

“This mission was strictly confidential you know that we couldn’t risk hydra finding out,” she gasps, “everyone that knew we were here is lying in that building, there is no way out.”

You dragged your hands over your face as you lent against the wall. She stepped closer to you, holding you as she kissed you once more before it felt almost impossible to keep going.

Her hand slipped to her side, wrapping her hand around her gun before lifting it to your chest. Tears stained her face leaving streaks in the ashes.

“No,” you shook your head, “no.”

The haze returned again, the pain searing through your body.

“It’s okay if you hate me.”

“Please don’t, I don’t want to hate you- you mean too much to me,” you begged.

She closed her eyes as she pulled back the trigger. You watched as she walked away not even looking back at the person she betrayed but in the end, you were left alone in the darkness of death.

But she did look back, “I love you… I won’t make you suffer.”

And then she waited for the slow suffocating burn to take her too.

You died hating her and she died loving you.

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