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Life is a fairy tale. However, the one you are living is a little different, how?

The evil stepmother in your life is your face smacking decisions. Your prince charming might not be charming enough, but broken. You, yourself might not find the fairy Godmother to pull the straws of your life together.

Yet, you will find a magical shoe. Which will fit you perfectly, which will make your prince charming yearn for you and that magical shoe is called, love.

Avni was vexed dealing with her middle-class lifestyle. Though she disliked studying she excelled in every course she chose, only to escape from her dramatic family and this above poverty life.

But when a storm of reality and the bitterness of the world hits her, she gives up on her dreams and settles down for an arranged marriage.

With shattered dreams and a damaged hope, she steps up into a new world of marriage with a hostile stranger.

Will she ever find her dreams? Will Avni find her magical shoe with her husband?

Are you looking for a Sweet romantic book with a touch of reality? Come on then, what are you waiting for?

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P.S : I will be updating the Bonus Chapter for The Queen’s king soon!

With Love, Reha 💜

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