The Queen's Alpha


Damon’s POV

I see Aria start to fall, I swiftly catch her before she hits the ground. I lay her down on the ground, she’s unconscious.

“Daniel, get the pack doctor!” I shout at Daniel, him running off. I suddenly see my father and Gamma shooing the crowd away. I look down Aria’s face, she looks like she’s sleeping. Worries fly through my head “What happened? Why did she faint? Is she hurt?”

Everything is fine. Mate is okay. My wolf, Blake, says.

How do you know that? I ask

I can feel her wolf. Mate is okay. I take his word for it.

I look down at her, she somehow looks peaceful. I pull her head into my lap.

“You’re gonna be okay, baby” I whisper, kissing her forehead. My father and Gamma walk over to us.

“Is she okay?” My father asks.

“My wolf says she is, the pack doctor should be here soon.” I say, running my fingers through her hair. As if on cue, the pack doctor, Dr. Steve, runs up to us.

“What happened, Alpha?” He asks, putting his bag down and kneeling next to Aria.

“As soon as the pack welcomed her, she fainted. I’m not sure what wrong.” I tell him, he starts checking up on her, my wolf and I going into possessive mode, growl at him.

“Alpha, in order for me to help her, you must calm down.” Dr. Steve tells me. I try to calm down, telling my wolf it’s to help Aria.

“I believe she fainted out of shock or anxiety. Nothing to worry about, but I would like for her to stay at the hospital till she wakes up.” Dr. Steve says, after checking up on her.

I pick her up and we walk to the pack hospital, they lead me to the secluded area of the hospital for Alpha’s, Beta’s, and Gamma’s. I lay her down on the bed, in the Alpha suite of the hospital. A few nurses come in, they start to hook Aria up to a few machines. It takes everything in me to not tear the nurses apart when they put a IV into her arm.

“Alpha, we don’t have a file on her, would you mind filling a form for her?” A nurse asks, handing me a clip board. I nod, grabbing the pen she gave me. I start filling it out only to realize I don’t know any of her medical information. I’ve only known her for 2 days, how am I supposed to know this? I’m a terrible mate. I pull out my phone and call Daniel.

“Whatcha need, Damon?” The happy voice of my Beta fills the air, he’s obviously went to see him mate. I didn’t get his obsession over his mate until I met Aria.

“Can you get me in contact with Aria’s maid?” I ask, thinking she would know the most. Aria did say she was like a mother to her.

“No problem, I’ll send you it right away.”

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