The Prank Caller Is An Idol!? ⚊ Enh...

niki's text au 📞 the savage charmer

first thing first, i didn’t expect for me to complete this book for sunoo in one week or six days in total because i didn’t update for one day.

and now here we are planning for the next text au of mine for enhypen.

i mean, did you noticed how ni-ki was practically the one who dared sunoo to prank call y/n?

now it’s time for him to have his own love story…

bit of a teaser:


“Uhm, who is this?”

“Wait.. You don’t sound like my mother”

“Unless I miraculously aged a trillion times and somehow birthed a daughter I never know even if I’m a male, then yeah, I’m not your mother”

“Then who are you?”

“A perfectly breathing human”

●●●●●●●●● ☏

Who’s ready for this new book?

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