The Painting || BTS TAEHYUNG

Chapter 50: The End

}Many moons ago in a far far land called Mahiron, there was a King, drowning in the weight of the pain carried by the walls of his castle, waiting for a spark of magic, a hope to escape the suffocating color surrounding him.This wasn’t a story about a girl who was waiting for a prince to rescue her, this tale was about an evergreen love story and their battle against time and destiny. A war which endulged many obstacles for these two lovers, it tore them apart, broke them but at the end it became their only cure.{

The world goes around and you will always find yourself where your own story began. At the beginning of this story, dear reader, I told you where everything has started for me and now at the end I was standing right in front of the same room where the first chapter of this fairy tale started flipping and whirled the storm with it…

The art room of my grandfather

~A few weeks later~

Third person’s POV

Y/n’s grandfather caressed the head of his only granddaughter who had placed her head on his tired legs. Surrounded by the paintings of the time, these two travelers of time where now safely drowning in the chapters of their memories.

“You always fell asleep like this as a child” The glistening eyes of her grandfather watched her side profile while Y/n smiled in thoughts, remembering every single beautiful moment of her childhood in this magical room which once was meant to change her life entirely.

“You grew up too soon dear..way too soon” He said as if he was searching in between lost memories for an anchor to hold and keep his granddaughter save, the way he wished he did before the storm tore her apart from the safety walls he tried to build around her.

Y/n sniffled while wiping her tear away after hours of sitting in this position and calmly letting her grandfather caress her head, she smiled “I really did” she chuckled innocently and wiped her wet eyes.

After all the storms she had been through, this room was the only place that could make her forget the time yet have the power to make her drown in the memories leaded by none other than the time itself..

“I tried everything to protect you from these tears” His voice broke down while Y/n shut her eyes tighter. He shakily breathed out the stuck oxygen from his lungs while caressing the long hair of his granddaughter.

“Not every tear is a witness of pain grandpa” she smiled while opening her eyes and glancing at one of the paintings across the room that made her heart clench in sorrow of distant memories.

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