The nerd and the player BXB (short...

Chapter 3 - The Gathering

*Author’s note!!! I just broke my phone and I am currently using my PC to write this story. The problem is, I don’t know how to use Wattpad on PC. It might only be for this chapter since my new phone arrives in 3 days and it takes me like 2 days to make one chapter. Also I almost lost this Wattpad account*


Christopher’s POV

Clark looked so adorable whenever he rambled on about whatever nerd thing he was saying and although I didn’t understand half of his words, I still kept on listening. The windy day now turned into a much calmer state, albeit it turned colder. 

“Do you want to hang out with me and my friends tonight?” That was sudden. Clark had an expression that makes him regret his question. I was already planning on hanging out with other people. But those same people are really not worth my time as much as Clark is.

“Okay.” His face turned that into a shocked one.

“R-REALLY?” I haven’t seen someone this excited for me in a while.

“Yes really… Also here.” I said as I took off my jacket since he’s been shuddering for a short while now. His eyes glowed before looking at me in worry.

“Won’t you be cold?” He asked and I shrugged him off.

“My car is nearby, so don’t worry about me.” he looked down at the jacket before putting it on. OH GOD.

He was absolutely adorable. Wearing my oversized clothes makes me just want to bone him here in public. 

We soon made our separate ways. And I just realized, I have been having faggot thoughts the entire time. But at the same time, it didn’t matter to me. 

I had arrived home and couldn’t resist the urge to check on his social media posts and release while I looked at his pictures.

Clark’s POV

It was now afterschool, and I completely forgot to tell my friends about my encounter with Christopher yesterday. I whipped out my phone and started messaging the group chat.

________________________________________________________________________________(Sorry about this part being very… messy                                                                                                             [Hey guys, some.                fine piece of meat wants to join us. Is it alright with you all?”]

Macy[Who is it?]

Mark[yeah tell us]

                                                                                                                                                                                     [It’s Christopher]

Jenn[Who’s that]

Macy[One of the hottest guys in our school]

Macy[WAIT!!! How did YOU (no offense) got HIM to join us?]

                                                                                                             [We saw each                                       Other at the dog park]

                                                                                                                           [And he     o.                        also gave me a sweater                                that’s too big for me]

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