The Nano Watt 2023

👤⭐️|| Participants--Novellas||⭐️👤

☆Participants for Novellas!☆

1. Ghosts, Blackbeard’s Treasure by Cocosghost

2. The Clockmaker’s Shadow by elveloy

3. She Who is King by happyperson081

4. The Invalid Date by la-femme-de-fer

5. Ally Lichen’s Friend by millieflorenceauthor

6. The Dangers of Winning the Game by HockHayal

7. Project Cleopatra by TUT_stories

8. Before You Go by jlfuller24

9. Memories of the Hiraeth by FoxLock34

10. In Pieces by melissadyb

11. 72 Hours by Lone_Wolf-

12. Samhain and Beltane by LadySapphire2018

13. The Mechanical Muse by FranklinBarnes

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