The Mafia's Heirs

24. Hello My Dear Husband!





Mateo grunted as the needle pierced through his skin.

“Baby..” River taunted as she injected him with a painkiller.

“Excuse me?” He quirked an eyebrow at her as she rubbed the spot on his arm with a cotton gauze.


“I am guessing you don’t feel pain?” He gave her a look. “At all?”

“Well, I don’t react like you do.” She shrugged as she disposed off the used stuff and put away the rest of the medication.

“I just grunted.”

“Is that what you call it? Sounded like a dying dog to me.” She chuckled as she walked around the room, putting away stuff, moving stuff; one would think she had been living in there forever. She looked like she belonged there.

And Mateo found it appealing though he wished it was not the guest room.

“You are quick to adjust to places huh?” He asked as he massaged his shoulders; they were so stiff from sitting still for so long.

“No, I am just pretending this is a hospital room.” She turned towards the Capo and gave him a cheeky grin. “I feel more at home there.”

Mateo chuckled. “You are crazy.”

“Not going to argue on that one.”

She pulled out her pajamas and went into the bathroom.

It was half past twelve but the woman looked the least tired. Mateo, on the other hand, was feeling groggy, probably from all the medication and the heavy dinner she fed him on account of the said medication. But he had to talk to her about the situation at hand and so he had to stay awake till she got in bed.

She came out of the bathroom in a pair of black sweat-pants and baby blue tank top, tying her curls up in a messy topknot. Her wilds wouldn’t allow themselves to be restrained – it was an everyday struggle for the surgeon.

“You want anything else?” She asked as she checked her phone and kept it on the nightstand.

“No.” Mateo shook his head and she nodded, taking off her slippers and getting under the duvet.

She lay down and turned to him, not turning the lights off.

“Speak.” She said. Mateo chuckled. He was least surprised that she knew that he had stuff to talk to her; she was very observant and she noticed the slightest details.

So he did. He filled her in on whatever had happened in the last month and the latest development. He knew that she did not have anything to do with the Mafia but she needed to know and she had the right to know everything because it was her life that was in danger. Though he was refraining from revealing that particular information to her.

That it was her Mona wanted dead.

Because she was in the way of her getting the life she desired.

That was the reason he was concentrated more on River’s safety than the twins.

Mateo had initially thought that Mona would be after the twins as well. But then he realized that Mona being the crazy woman that she was, would have killed them when she had the chance. So she was not threatened by the twins. Mateo had come to the conclusion that she was plotting to take down River so that she could be their mother.

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