The Mafia's Baby Mama (Currently Ed...

Chapter 1Part 2

Athena Pov

I groaned I felt like a ton of bricks just hit me in the face, I rolled over and bumped into something and froze. I opened my eyes slowly and saw tattoos everywhere on this guy’s back

‘shit, shit’ I covered my face, counted to five before slowly getting up not wanting to wake him up and quickly put on all my clothes, I grabbed my stuff including my phone and used google maps to see where I was. Once I got my location, I sent a quick text to Brody and told him to hurry up and get me. All a sudden, the door slammed open, and another hot guy walked in all dressed up.

“YO ELIJAH, HOW WAS THAT FINE PIECE OF ASS?” the guy yelled and then froze once he saw me.

“I will take that as a compliment,” I said groggily and went to use the bathroom while slipping my heels back on and then quickly washed my face. I left the bathroom and saw the guy Elijah (the one I just had sex with) in pair joggers. He was sitting up on the side of the bed while the other guy was standing in front of him talking but stopped once I got out and looked at me.

“Don’t worry; I’m leaving,” I said, raising my hands and made a quick exit for the door. I went to the elevator and pressed the lobby. I left the elevator and put on my shades so the sun wouldn’t hit my eyes. As I was walking through the hall to the front door, some old ladies were looking at me and whispering, so I just raised my middle finger at them and quickly walked out.

“Finally” I mumbled as I entered Brody car

“thank you,” I said as I laid down on the back seat and closed my eyes.

“see you had a fun time,” Brody said laughing

“I did,” I said before falling asleep

One month later

“I feel like shit,” I mumbled to myself as I finished throwing up in the toilet. I’ve been throwing for the past few weeks, and I already have a feeling as to why I keep throwing up, I quickly took a shower and changed into sweatpants and a sweater and walked to the pharmacy and grabbed eight pregnancy test and a large orange juice. I peed on all of them, and now I’m sitting on my living room couch waiting for the results, my timer on my phone rang and slowly walked to the bathroom.

(+) – positive (+) – positive (+) – positive (+) – positive (+) – positive (+) – positive (+) – positive (+) – positive

“DAMNNNN IT,” I yelled and quickly called my doctor and schedule an appointment that is in an hour, I need to make sure if I’m pregnant or not. I drank some ginger ale and ate some saltines. I got in my car and drove to my doctors, who were about a half an hour drive. I went in and told them my name, and they took me to my doctor.

“Athena, how are you?” Dr. Shelly asked

“I think I’m pregnant,” I said and started hyperventilating

“Athena, you need to calm down,” Dr. Shelly said, showing me how to slow down my breathing.

“ok I’m good,” I said after relaxing

“ok, here pee in the cup and then we’re gonna get blood taken out if you just to make sure,” she said handing me a cup, I took it and went to the bathroom did my business, and then the nurse went and took blood out of my arm. I sat down and waiting for my result.

“ok, Athena, so I have your results,” Dr.Shelly said with a stack of papers.

“and?” I asked shaking my leg

“congratulation’s you are one month pregnant,” she said softly, waiting for my expression; I cried like a big baby.

“But how if I’m on my pill?” I asked

“they are only 91% effective,” she said

“I prescribed you some vitamins to take,” she said as she wrote that down and gave them to me

“come to see me next month for a checkup, and then we can see the baby,” she said

“ok, thank you,” I said and left the doctor’s office to the pharmacy to get my vitamins.

I got home and threw myself on my bed and texted my best friends to come over and bring Chinese.

2 hours later

“BITCH opens up,” Leah yelled through my door. I opened it and threw myself at her and started crying.

“what happen?” Leah asked

“let’s sit down and start eating first, and then I’ll explain,” I said, opening the door to let them in. We all sat down and started eating.

“so explain,” Penelope said

“here” I gave her my test results

“OMG!!! you’re pregnant?” She said happily, while Leah spits out her soda and Brody choked on his food.

“WHAT?” Lead and Brody yelled

“Yup, I’m a month pregnant and did you know birth control is only 91% effective,” I said and continued to eat my food.

“what are you going to do?” Leah asked

“I have enough saved, and this is my last year of college, so when the baby gets here I would’ve already graduated so I guess I would have to take some time off,” I said shrugging my shoulders

“and your parents?” Brody asked

“haven’t told them,” I said

“the baby’s father?” Leah asked

“don’t know his name so I can’t contact him, and I doubt he’ll remember or believe me,” I said feeling a little lost

“we’ll be here for you through it all,” Penelope said while Leah and Brody both agreed.

“Thanks, guys,” I said as we all had a group hug.

And that ladies and gentlemen are how I got pregnant.



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