The Lonely King

Chaper One

“Hey, guess what? I saw the king today!” I heard a girl whisper to her friend.

“Really?!” Her friend excitedly replied.

“Yeah! And he’s totally hot. Blonde sexy hair and gorgeous green eyes.”

I sighed. I shouldn’t be ease dropping. Ever since the government failed us, the world was taken over by the mafia. I happen to live in the new capital of the country: New York City. Many have speculated on what the mafia king looks like, but no one has ever actually seen him. It gives him a sort of mysterious allure.

I personally don’t keep up with all the gossip and news surrounding the mob rulers.

I walked away from the two girls and made my way to work. Even with the hustle and bustle of the city, I still managed to find peace and quiet. I live on the eastern edge of what was previously known as the upper east side. It used to be the home to the wealthiest of New Yorkers, but now, only a few wealthy people live on the western side, closer to Central Park. My neighborhood isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. It was the first place I found that was within my price range, and I instantly fell in love with it. The walk was about a half hour to where I work, and it was calm and quiet enough to give the eerie aura of empty city streets. And I love it.

I walked into the skyscraper and pressed the 24th floor. I found my desk and took off my trench coat, letting my long bouncy brown curls fall around my body. I took a deep breath and started to work.

After a long day of scheduling and event planning, I finally ended my shift. My job is pretty simple. A big public relations firm wants someone to schedule and plan important events, and I do it. Not bad.

My boss asked me to finish up an event for the opening of a new casino, so I ended up staying late. What I didn’t expect was it to be so late.

If I didn’t head home soon, I could be in danger.

The mafia usually does most of the dirty work at night, and I really don’t want to be caught up in that. I quickly grabbed everything I needed and headed out.

I pushed the doors open to find rain. Great. I forgot my umbrella today, and I really didn’t want to walk home in the pouring weather. I checked my phone, and it said the weather will clear up in about half an hour, so I waited.

Once the weather cleared, I started to walk. I looked up to the sky to see pitch black. I really hope nothing bad happens.

The more steps I took, the more nervous I got. The eerie feeling of empty, quiet street gave me anxiety instead of tranquility. Unconsciously, I heard the sound of my heels hitting the sidewalk quicken. The faster I get home, the faster I’ll be safe.

When I almost reached my apartment, I heard a groan. Huh?

It sounded again. This time I got a clear hint at where it was coming from. I slowly crept into the alley way. What am I doing? Curiosity killed the cat.

But then, I saw a man sitting on the ground, his back against a wall. He looked hurt. I quickly ran over, and his eyes snapped to mine.

“Get out of here.” He warned. He had dark hair and silver looking eyes. I hate to admit it, but it’s sort of attractive.

I ignored him. I noticed his hand on his stomach and blood around his fingers.

“You should be at a hospital.” I stated, worryingly.


“This is serious. You could die.” Is he crazy for not want to go to a hospital. Does he want to die?

“No. I’m not going to a hospital.”

“Okay, but let me help you.” I opened my bag and took out my first aid kit. I always have one just in case something like this happens or an animal is hurt or I get hurt. While I did this, he just stared at me confused.

I unbuttoned his shirt a little and moved his hand away from the wound.

“This might hurt.” I warned as I wiped the cut on his abdomen with a pad soaked in rubbing alcohol. He wasn’t even fazed, like it didn’t hurt what so ever. I added a huge bandaid type thing on top and cleaned up the materials.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to a hospital?” I asked again. All he did was stare at me. He looked into my eyes, just studying them while I gave him a confused look. After a long moment, I looked away and stood up. I really had to get home.

“I don’t need a hospital. You should go home. It isn’t safe.” He finally replied. I nodded. It’s his choice I guess. I started to walk, and he got up and walked behind me.

After about a block, I didn’t hear any footsteps. I guess he went the other direction. I finally made it into the elevator and hit the 18th floor.

• • •

My boss made me stay late again. Doesn’t he know I should be at home right now? I sighed, knowing my thoughts are pointless.

I walked out of the building, luckily no rain. I was halfway to my apartment when what I feared most happened. It all happened so fast I couldn’t comprehend what happened until some men started chasing me.

I looked down an alley way and saw a man being pointed at with a gun held by another man. Then, a gun shot rang in my ears. The men who were left alive glanced my way, and I ran.

I wasn’t quick enough. They caught me. Before I had time to react, the man who held me, hit my head with something metal, and I slowly succumbed to darkness.

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