The King's Pet (M-Preg)



C H A P T E R 48

“Everest, where are you taking me?” I said with confusion as Everest guided me down the hallway with my eyes covered with a cloth. He could be taking me anywhere, but I pushed the bad thoughts out of my head because I trusted him. 

Everest pressed a comforting hand on my lower back. The feeling made my hair stand at the back of my neck. “We’re almost there, darling, just a few more steps.” He told me for the 3rd time. I’m getting impatient, and my feet are killing me from standing on them for too long. It is bad enough my feet are swollen.

“But you said that three times already. My feet are aching right now.” I pouted, and I felt a kiss on my cheek, making my face goes warm. I hate that he got this effect on me. My body would react to the simplest things he does. He could be looking at me, and I could feel myself tingle.

“Be patient. We are almost there, I promise.”

Finally, he halted me, and I felt him walk around me. I hear a pair of keys and something being unlocked. Before asking what he is doing, he grabs my hand and leads me forward again. I’m guessing it’s a room we are in right now. I felt the cloth covering my eyes being untied, having my vision blurry.

When my vision was good, I took sight of a nurse. I see three grey wooden cribs lining up on the sides, a white carpet in the middle, changing tables on the other side of the room, and a grey dresser with a sheep lamp, walking over to the dresser to find pictures of their ultrasound framed with little crowns and tiaras.

The walls were a cream color with many sheep around the room—a chandelier hanging on the ceiling that motions around with moons and stars. I then walk over to the cribs to see a diamond crystal headboard with white ruffles at the bottom with white ribbons tied on the crib. I’m guessing it is our baby girl crib. I then looked over to the boy’s side to see a simple grey headboard with animals tied to the crib. 

I took the sight from the rest of the room with a rocker chair, a bookshelf with tons of books, a huge walk-in closet that already had tons of baby clothes, and a bunch of other stuff in the corner that hadn’t been put up yet. Taking a bear from the crib, I look at it while my eyes feel with tears.

“I don’t know anything about baby stuff, so I asked your papa for help…” I overheard Everest say from the other side of the room. Looking up at him, I walk over to him, hugging him around the waist. I felt him kiss my head while returning the hug.

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