The Golden Couple

Chap. 4

“Bryce?” I called out, letting myself into his back door.

Dawson immediately greeted me, and from the looks of it he hadn’t been out yet.

That’s not like Bryce at all.

I went ahead and let Dawson out into the backyard before heading to Bryce’s room.

He had an ice pack stretched across his forehead.

“Hey baby,” I muttered, climbing into bed next to him.

“When’d you get here?” he muttered, groggily.

“Just a minute ago,” I said, lifting the ice pack off of his forehead. “What’s the matter?”

“I’ve had this killer headache all night,” he groaned.

“What have you taken for it?”


“Why don’t we try something?” I suggested, knowing the answer before he said it.


I laid the ice pack back down across his forehead. “You should’ve called me. Has it been this bad all night?”

“Just the past few hours.”

Poor baby.

“Want me to make you a warm cup of tea?” I suggested. “I’ll look up some alternative ways of getting rid of a headache.”

He just groaned in response.

I lightly kissed his cheek before heading out into the kitchen, letting Dawson in on my way.

I tossed Dawson a treat as I set up to make some tea, cradling my phone between my shoulder and my ear.

“Good morning Sophie,” Kayla greeted. I could practically hear her smile through the phone.

“Good morning,” I said in return.

“And what did my brother do today?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, pouring a cup of water into the tea kettle. “The better question would be what hasn’t he done?”

“Oh isn’t that the truth?” she joked.

“We’re going to have to reschedule the tux fitting for the wedding,” I informed her, as I set the kettle to boil.

“What? Why?”

“Bryce has been sick the past few days.”

“Has anyone told mom?”

“That’s part two of why I was calling you,” I said, leaning against the opposite counter in Bryce’s kitchen. “I was hoping you could?”

She laughed again.

I wasn’t close to Bryce’s mom. She wasn’t around enough for me to know her as well as I knew Kayla.

Kayla had been here through Bryce’s twelve-step program, and we’d become really close throughout the entire ordeal.

“I can call my mom,” she agreed. “What does Bryce think?”

“I haven’t exactly told him.”

“That will be a fun conversation.”

“I know,” I said, with a sigh. “But I’m worried about him.”

I pulled out a cup and rinsed it out with the boiling water from the tea kettle. I placed a tea bag inside the cup before adding water.

“I’ll call her for you,” Kayla repeated. “Just take good care of my baby brother in the meantime.”

“I will,” I promised.

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