The fairytale is true

Chapter 10 { Getting Engaged }

Luna P.O.V

Waking up in a comfortable bed, I sat down rubbing my eyes.

When did I get here? Last thing I remember I fell asleep in the car- ohh Asher must have carried me here so he wouldn’t wake me up, what a gentleman

I heard a knocking on the door “yes? “

” Luna, you are awake? Come I made you breakfast ” he said and my eyes lit up immediately

” I will be right there !” I stood up quickly walking towards the bathroom which is really nice, everything that is needed are here so I did my mornings routines without any problem.

walking towards the closet, I was only wearing a bathroom robe with a towel wrapped around my head.The closet was empty and looking around I couldn’t even find my suitcases.

” Asher! can you please tell me where my suitcases are?!” I shouted hoping he would hear me

soon enough he was in the room, but as soon as he saw me he turned around so his back was facing me

god, i am embarrassed, he saw me like this only in our freaking first day here!

” u-umm Luna I am sorry, but your suitcases are in the room which supposed to be our room, but I figured out you won’t like sleep in the same room yet so I brought you here last night,” he said, well that make sense

” I-It is fine, can you please show me that room so I can get my clothes ?” I asked

” follow me ” I did as he said, he stopped in front of a door

” that is the room I am sleeping in and you can find your suitcases inside the closet room ok?”I nodded my head, without even glancing at me he quickly walked away.

I got inside directly to the closet room, I saw my suitcases thankfully. I opened one of them and wore something suitable for today. I then took my makeup box, to finish my hair and makeup, I am not really a makeup girl, I put it on yes, but not so much that it looks visible.

After being done with everything and I was ready, I walked out of the room and the delicious smell of breakfast hit me hard make my stomach growl, following the smell downstair I got to the kitchen in no time.

” good morning Asher, ” I said before sitting down on one of the kitchen stool beside him, and wow, wow, wow my god this boy can cook, just looking at it you know it is delicious, it looks like a royal breakfast.

” morning Luna, hope you had a nice sleep ” well to count I slept for so long and felt super comfortable, you bet my sleep was super nice

“I did. thank you, but wow I am really impressed did you cook all of this by yourself?” Need to make sure

” I like cooking but I am not doing it often, hope you will like it” well seems like he did made this after all

” I will, that is for sure!” I then started eating, but Asher didn’t, he was only drinking coffee

” Why aren’t you eating ?” I asked

” I never eat breakfast, one coffee is enough, ” if you heard him say that he sounded like nothing is going on here

” but breakfast is life and you need energy for the rest of the day beside I hate eating alone. could you please eat with me ?” hopefully, he will listen to me since I hate it when someone won’t eat the most important meal of the day

He hesitated but, he slowly picked up a plate and put some pancakes on it. I am so thankful!

My words are always working

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