The Ex-wife (Book 1 Of The Williams...

Chapter 17 : Oh Hell No

Natalia Walker’s POV :

“What ?”

“What the hell are you talking about ?,” I asked confused “who’s trying to kill me ?”

“Ssh,” she hushed me placing a single finger on my lips.

“Don’t you ssh me Talia Maria Wilson,” I scolded her putting a hand on my hip and wagging the other hand in front of her.

She just looked at me with a ‘are you serious look’. I looked down at my finger before looking back up at her a sheepish smile on my face.

“Sorry,” I whispered to her.

She just shook her head at me “you’re such a mother”

“Hey !!!!…. I am a mother”

“I know, I know,” she said rolling her eyes “we’re straying from the point Nat…. Your in danger”

“Sssh,” I hushed her placing a finger on my lip signaling her to be quiet.

I slowly turned around and peeked into Chase’s room. My heart swelled up with love when I looked in the room. There on the hospital bed lay Chase with Luke sitting on the bed beside him. They were so busy talking to each other that they didn’t even notice when I peeked inside.

I walked inside and just stood there for a moment watching them. I don’t think they even realised that I was standing here.

“Hey guys,” I chirped

“Mommy,” Luke squealed “daddy’s so cool”

“I bet he is,” I smiled at him ignoring the smirk on Chase’s face “I’m going to go out for a while with aunty Talia, do you want to stay with your father until I come back ?”

I laughed as he eagerly nodded his head in response. I walked over to him pulling him in my arms for a quick hug. I slowly pulled away from him to kiss his left cheek then his right and lastly place a kiss on his forehead.

“Love you baby,” I whispered to him.

“Love you too mommy”

I looked over at Chase who had a tender look on his face. I smiled softly at him and turned to walk away “bye Chase”.

“Mommy ?,” Luke called out to me.

I turned back to look at him “yes L”

“Aren’t you gonna tell daddy goodbye ?,”

I just looked at him confused “I already did honey”

“No,” he said pointing to his two cheeks.

I sighed already knowing what he was talking about.

“Do I have to ?,” I whined not liking this idea.

I glanced over at Chase to see that he had a confused look on his face. For a person so smart he was so slow. I looked back at Luke to find him with a smile on his face as he nodded to me.

With a huff I walked back over to them. Sighing I cupped Chase’s face in my hands. I rolled my eyed when realisation sunk in and a small smirk settled on his face.

I slowly leaned in to kiss his left cheek then the right and lastly his forehead. I pulled away from him and studied his expression. His eyes were closed and he had the most genuine smile that I had seen on him since I got back.

I patted his head, like you would do to a pet resulting in him scowling.

“Don’t get used to it,” I sang walking out of the room.

Talia rolled her eyes when she saw me “finally”

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes.

“Let’s go,” she said grabbing on to my hand and pulling me into the elevator.

I quickly noticed how she was playing with her fingers. It was a habit she picked up when she was nervous.

“Where are we going ?,” I asked her suspiciously.

“Oh… meet our reinforcement,”

“Reinforcements ?,” I asked quizzically “what reinforcements ?”

Just then the elevator stopped at the ground floor. Talia didn’t bother to answer my question instead she just pulled me over to the café across the street. I sat in the booth that Talia pointed to and looked around the café.

It was a rather cozy café with a lot of people since it was just 10 in the morning. I looked up mumbling a thank you to Talia who just placed a cup of hot chocolate on front of me. I leaned down to inhale the sweet aroma of the hot chocolate, God I love this. Taking a sip I looked over at Talia to find her laughing at me.

“Oh shut up,” I laughed along with her “so where’s the reinforcement ?”

“We’re here”

That voice sounded so familiar. I slowly looked up, silently saying a praying in my head. I so hope that it wasn’t who I thought it was. As usual luck wasn’t on my side.

I looked up to find Laura, Charlie and Greg staring at me with regret in their eyes.

“Oh hell no !!”


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