The Crowned Prince

32. Eventful Dinner

Word Glossary

Baba sa- Father. Maa sa- MotherBhai sa- Elder brother. Jiji sa- Elder sister. Hukum- Your Highness. Bai sa- A respected term used for woman. Khamma Ghani/Ghani Khamma- Respectable greeting.

Raina was laying on the comfy bed? her hands covering her eyes.

With a huff she got up and took a look at the time. Dinner time was very close.

Her cloths were wrinkled and sweaty, she badly needed a refreshing bath.

She changed into a decent and comfortable calf length dress.

She was circling the rubber band around her ponytail when Adya entered after knocking the door.

“Let’s go.”,she signalled her to come with her. Raina nodded and followed her out of the room silently.

Raina saw a big door, she assumed it to be dining room as chattering could be heard clearly but Adya held her hand and drag a little away from the entrance.

Raina chose to stay silent, Adya stopped in her tracks. Raina was standing behind Adya, she heard her saying, “Maa sa, Baba sa.. My friend is here.”With that she stepped aside revealing Raina under the gaze of the Royal couple.

Uday Singh Rathore and Vasudha Rathore looked at the beautiful girl standing with a stunned expression on her face.

Her hands automatically folded in respect and she greeted them, “Khamma Ghani.”Those Rajasthani words rolled out of her tongue with ease and fluently.

Both greeted her back. Adya said, “She is the one I was talking about.”

Uday Singh placed his hand on her head and smiled a little, “Welcome in our home kid. Have a happy stay here. You are my daughter’s friend, so just like my daughter.”

Vasudha said, “Yes. Feel comfortable here , don’t hesitate in telling if you need something. And let’s go, it’s dinner time.”

Raina nodded her head like a child, Uday Singh removed his palm and walked away with his wife.

It was feeling like a deja vu to Raina, she felt the same comfort, same assurance and same firmness in his voice.

Suddenly a man in his early twenties came and shouted in Adya’s ear, “Jiji sa….”

Adya jumped in fear, but when she saw Adhvan laughing his heart out, she whacked his head.

Adhvan hissed in pain, he rubbed his head, soon his eyes fell in Raina, so he composed himself.

Adya also remembered that Raina was watching them.

Earlier his face was not clear due to slight darkness but when Adya pulled him towards her, Raina recognised him in an instant- the same man who came along with Rohan that day to pick Adhiraj and her from that village.

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