The Contract



Xavier’s Pov.

It’s been a week after we’ve gone to central park and her feet and bruises were healing very fast but I’ve noticed something odd about her. Ever since we came home after going to Starbucks, she’s become sad and a little distant. Not like she was close to me or anything, it’s just that she’s avoiding me and hardly talk to me.

Most of the time she’s deep in her thoughts thinking about something that I’m trying to find out. How I wish I could read her mind.

Anyways, today is the day that I finally go back to work. Slowly rolling out of bed not to wake her up, I showed up, got dressed and went downstairs.

“Good morning master!” My maids greeted as I passed by.

I walked and stopped at Carry. I found out that Carry had become friends with Emily. I don’t have a problem with that though. I’m happy that’s she can talk to someone when I’m not around.

“Master” she bowed to me. Standing us straight again. She had a scarred expression on her face and spoke. “May I help you with something master?”

I looked at her carefully. Should I trust this girl to take care of my wife?

Well, they are friends and I don’t think she would hurt her because I’m pretty sure she is very scared of me. So I spoke after making up my mind. “I will be going back to work for today. Your new job is to make sure my wife eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and makes sure she gets enough rest.” I instructed her and she left out a sigh of relief.

“And also, if there is anyone here to see her, don’t let them in. Just inform me right away also if there’s an emergency, call me right away.” I added and she nodded her head.

I was still scared that her parents will come and try to hurt her and I didn’t want that to happen again. So I had to hire a few bodyguards just to make sure she was extra safe.

“You are her personal maid from now on. I’m counting on you to make sure she’s safe. Guard her with your life, understand?” I asked her in a serious voice and she gulps before responding with a ‘yes Master’

“Good and you know the consequences if you don’t obey. I’ll be taking my leave” I said and left.

Emily’s Pov.

“Madam! Please wake up!” I heard a familiar voice shouted as I felt someone shaking me.

“What?!” I whined when I shot my eyes open.

There stood Carry with a tray her hands

“You need to eat your breakfast,” she said to me and I sigh. Is this what she waked me up for?

“Let me sleep,” I said to her and pull the duvet over my head before closing my eyes again.

“Madam, please eat or else Master will punish me,” she said with fear in her voice and I quickly shut my eyes open and looked at her.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Master has gone to work and had put me to be your personal maid” she explains and I nodded in understanding.

“What did he say to you?” I asked curiously.

“He wants me to make sure you eat lunch, breakfast, and dinner also have enough sleep and guard you with my life,” she said but gulf the last part.

Poor maid. She looked pretty scared.

“oh” was all I said before I continued when I saw the fear in her eyes. “You don’t have to worry. I’ll cooperate with you so you won’t be in any trouble” I said and saw her let out a breath of relief.

“Thank you madam” she bowed at me and I sigh.

“You don’t have to bow at me and how many times do I have to say call me Emily?” I asked and she looks down to the floor shyly.

“I’m sorry mada—Emily” she apologizes.

“It’s okay,” I said smiling at her. She returned one before walking towards me a tray of food in her hands.

“I’ll go freshen up first. Wait here” I said to her and went into the bathroom.

Minutes later I came out dressed in sweat pants and a shirt. “Here’s your breakfast made—Emily” she offered and I politely took it.

“Have you eaten yet?” I asked her and she nodded while looking at the floor.

“What did you eat?” I asked and her eyes met mine. “Bread” she replied.

“Bread and what?” I asked and she paused for a while before replying.”And water”

I felt sad.

I could remember when I was back in high school I used to eat the same thing to school, sometimes nothing at all. That was my punishment from my parents. It’s funny how it brings back memories.

“Come here. We’ll eat together” I said to her but she refused.

“Don’t worry. I’ll won’t let Xavier touch you” I said and she looked in my eyes which I reassure her before she took small steps towards me.

I placed her to sit next to me and turned on the TV. “What’s your favorite show or movie?” I asked and she replied with ‘Legally blonde’

So I turned it on for her to watch with me while I share my breakfast with her.

After we were done eating and watching the movie, I helped her wash the dishes and we sat in the living room chatting.

“Emily….” she began and I looked at her. Her eyes were teary and I could help but feel the urge to cry too. “Thank you…” she said and I felt a tear fell down my cheeks.

I didn’t know why I was crying but apart of me felt like this girl was me back in my teens. She reminds me a lot about myself and I couldn’t watch anything happen to her. I knew someone was mistreating her and I would find out who it is because I don’t want her to get hurt like me.

She is my friend and I won’t let anyone hurt her.

“It’s nothing really” I quickly wiped my eyes but jumped at her sudden action when she engulfs me in a hug. “No, I really want to thank you,” she said and I smiled at her.

“It’s okay,” I said to respond. I let out a sigh and she pulled away when she felt better.

She smiled at me and return her one.”So since you’re gonna be around me for the entire day, let’s do something fun!”I said excitedly and she nodded with a smile.

“Nails!” I said happily and brought out a whole bag of nail polish and nails.

This is gonna be fun!!

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