The Bully Knows How to Love (#2)

21. the bully wants to prove me wrong

          “Wake up!” Mrs. Johnson’s piercing voice blasts throughout the cabin.

          I groan in frustration and sit up from bed. I grab my phone to check the time.


          “Wake up!” She poke her head through our door. “Get ready. We’re going on a hike,” she tells us. My eyes travel to the megaphone in her hand.

          “Okay…” Sofia mutter before sitting upright from her bed. Mrs. Johnson smile before walking away.

          “Shouldn’t have drink yesterday. Worst hangover ever.” Sofia mumble softly. She looks horrible too, her dark circle and bird nest hair.

          “How long did you guys stay up?” I asks. I fell asleep when I return to my room after my encounter with Corbin.

          “Umm….3? 4?”

           “Wow. That’s like 3 to 2 hours of sleep.” I comment, staring at her in disbelief. Yeah, she’s going to feel like hell today.


          “Why’s everyone so quiet? Bad night?” Mr. Stevens asks, looking around the table.

          Everyone’s been eating in silence. I guess their hangover is worst than I thought, along with only 3 hours of sleep. I can see all their baggy and tired eyes.

           “Did you join them last night?” Lucas asks, stuffing a piece of bread in his mouth.

           The image of Corbin’s lips on mine immediately comes to mind with the mention of last night. I can feel my face heating up.

           “Umm…” I hesitate. Lucas looks at me, suspicious.

           “Why are you so nervous?” He question.

           “I only went out for a few minutes and then I went back to sleep.” I answer, not wanting to sound suspicious.

           I don’t know if I should tell Lucas about how I feel about Corbin. I know he hates Corbin. Will he hate me? Will he still be my friend?

           “Cool.” He said before continuing to eat. I fake a smile and look away.

            After we ate, Mr. Stevens gather everyone around to start our hike. I don’t mind hiking. I like hiking. In a way, it’s relaxing. However, everyone seems to think otherwise.

            Just the mention of hiking causes groans and complaints from the students. I guess they’re still tired and hungover from last night…or morning.

           “It’ll be fun!” Mr. Stevens cheer and lead the way into the forest. Lucas and I follow after him.

            After a few minutes in, Lucas is way ahead of me and I fall behind. Stupid Corbin is inside my head. I can’t stop thinking about last night.

            “I’ve changed my mind,” Corbin sneak up behind me. I pause in my track and tense with curiosity.

            “About what?” I asks. He walks in front of me to face me with a smile. I try to avoid his gaze by looking at the other students passing by us. At this rate, we’ll be far behind the rest of the class. 

            “I’m not giving up so easily. I’m going to prove you wrong, Hazel.” He steps closer to me with each words. “A good girl like you can love a bully like me.”

            Surprised, I back away from him but in end up falling down on the dirt when I step on a rock. Great, my bottom is covered in dirt.

           I look up at Corbin to see him kneeling down in front of me. I watch as he move his head in towards me. Surprised, I froze in my spot.

            Once his head is almost towards me, he move to my side and whisper into my ear, “I’ll do whatever to prove you wrong.” I can feel his warm breath in my ear. It kind of tickles.

            This isn’t the time Hazel, my subconscious pop into my mind, snapping me out of my state.

            I push him away causing him to end up bottom down on the dirt like me. I didn’t bother apologizing and got off the ground, wiping my bottom from dirt.

            My mind is screaming at me to walk away but my heart is telling me to help him up. While hesitating, my mouth had an idea of it’s own and I mutter, “I’ll like to see you try.”

            Shocked at my own response, I run away from him as he is getting up from the ground with a smug grin on his face.

            Is he crazy? Or bipolar? One second, he’s punching Lucas. The next he said he’s over me. Now he’s after me again? Why am I in love with him?

            I shake the thoughts out of my head and pretend like nothing happened as I catch up to everyone.

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