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Bonus Chapter {Edited}


Happy new year 2019 guys. Here is a bonus chapter for all reader.Love you;)Enjoy;)


Grace’s Pov:

(Skylar and Grace outfit on top. Skylar the black one and Gray the rose gold one)

Today everyone decided to gather at our place. Xavier decided to celebrate new year in our house with all our family and friends.

The kids were in the living room along with Xavier and Ryan watching Marvel movies. Xavier and Ryan both loved these movies so they ditched us to join the kids.

Skylar and i just finished cooking the dinner. Amanda and Mom both decided to make the deserts as they both make delicious cakes.

“Mom is the cake ready?” I asked as i approached both ladies.

“Almost.” Amanda said

“Just give us a few more minutes dear.” Mom added and i nodded. I walked toward Skylar and helped her to set the table in our backyard. The weather was perfect and at midnight we will be able to watch some firecrackers directly.

“The kids are so excited about tonight.” Skylar chuckled and i nodded.

“I know. If Xavier did not put that movie they would have been here looking at the Sky all the time.” I said and she laughed.

“I know. Remember they did that last year.” She said and i nodded.

“Hey kiddo where are our grandchildren?” Dad asked coming with Nathan.

“Hey dad. They are all in the living room.” I said and he nodded.

“We bought some firecrackers for them.” Nathan said grinning.

“Oh no let them have dinner first then you can gave it to them.” Skylar said and i agreed. If Nathan give that to them they would not want to eat but to keep playing with that.

“Fine. We will keep them till dinner ends.” Dad said and Nathan sighed.

“HEY EVERYONE DINNER IS READY!” Mom shouted coming with Amanda outside.

The kids were the first one to ran to us.

“Mwommy Mwommy. Dwaddy does not want to cwome.” Alaïa said coming to hug my legs.

“Mwmmy dwaddy too does not want to cwome.” Hailey said to Skylar. Skylar looked at me and i arc an eye brow.

“Ok kiddo we will go and see daddy. All of you wash your hand and take a seat ok?” I said and all nodded.

“Mwommy take me.” Adelisa said pouting. I chuckled and pick her in my arms.

Skylar and i walked into the living room to see both our husband looking at the movie.

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