The Bad Boys Baby

Chapter 29 - The Last Year

        Isabelle’s P.O.V.

        Junior year was no picnic. It’s been three months since I’ve had Evelyn. Today was my birthday. It excruciatingly hot outside, yet I couldn’t be any happier. 

        “Happy birthday, baby,” Ryder whispers in my right ear as we look over at Evelyn wiggling in Amity’s arms by the playground equipment. 

        “Thanks, I don’t think she’s a big fan of her auntie,” I laugh. 

        “Amity won’t give up, will she?”

        “No, she’ll hate herself until she gets that girl to like her.” 

         I break from Ryder’s grip around my waist to save Evelyn from the terror. “I think she’s just grumpy,” I tell Amity so she’ll ease off, but once I grab Evelyn she smiles, contradicting what I just said. 

        “Nope, she just hates me,” Amity frowns. 

         “We can only handle so much of auntie Amity, huh?” I say to Evie in a baby voice, making Amity roll her eyes. 

         Breanna, quickly after I left Amity, takes Evelyn out of my hands and tells me, “We’ve got a surprise.”

         Breanna and I walked down the side walk. I noticed everyone, besides my brothers (still an odd thing to say, began following us. Smiles were spread across their faces. “What’s going on,” I ask Breanna. She shrugs in response. 

        I can’t see past the trees, but children were running around in the grass, mothers were walking their babies, and other teens were running along the path, going opposite of my family and me. Down the path, between the trees, I see the parking lot. 

        I look around for my mom or my dad. I don’t see either of them. Breanna grabs my arm and pulls me in the direction we were going. I must’ve slowed down a bit. But her smile only gets wider. “Come on!” 

        I shake my head and smile. 

        My mom’s car pulls up into the parking space in front of all of us. “What’s the big surprise?” I ask my mom in confusion.  

         Her grin was covered in red lipstick. I hate surprises. It’s killing me. “Just wait.” She says.

         “Is it in the car?” I look. It wasn’t. “Where’s the car seat?” 

         As my mom shakes her head, I look up from the car window to see everyone looking at the parking lot entrance. A red car pulls in. I didn’t think much of it until it pulled in next to my mom’s car. Dad was inside. 

        “No way!” I yell, louder than I intended. 

         “Happy Birthday,” he says tossing the keys my way. 

         “Thanks,” I said in disbelief. 

         “You like  it?” 

          “I do.” 

            I drove around a bit. It felt odd, at first. I just realized how much of an adult I’ve had to become. I have a car seat in the back of my first car. And I’m excited and scared all at once. 

          Only went around the block a few times, but it was needed. The few moments alone. I can’t remember the last I spent time with myself for longer than a minute. 

          “You like it?” I was asked once more. 

           “Yeah,” I lied.

            I love the car, but it meant I was an adult. I am a mother. I am a girlfriend to my baby’s father. But I am no longer a child. I think it shocked me a little. 

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