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Trapping the billionaire

Ashley works as a maid at one of the most prestigious hotels in New York. She works two jobs to make ends meet and to save her family from the debt her drunk father left.

What happens when she crosses paths with Tristan Montenegro, heir to the biggest hotel chain in the country, a total ladies’ man and not to mention, he is also her boss.

What happens when her ex-boyfriend storms in on the two of them and knocks him out? In an attempt to save her job, she cares for him throughout the night.

But there might be a problem, he wakes up with a splitting headache with no memory of the previous night, not to mention, she is laying next to him half naked. He thinks of her as a floozy who is only after his money and fires her from her job.

What happens when the two of them meet again two weeks later and she spits out the words: “I’m pregnant.”

This might lead to many problems she never expected, not to mention, a shot at falling in love.

Can true love ever survive amongst so many lies?

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