The Alpha's First Choice

34. Thank you for loving me

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“You” she said softly.

I stood rooted there, unable to move “Are you saying what I think you are saying?” I asked after I recovered.

She nodded while tiptoeing to wrap her arms around my neck, my hands automatically wrapped around her waist as I supported my back to the counter.

“Liam Wood” she said with a glint in her eyes “I can’t pin point on the second, the minute, the hour or the day but I know for sure that I have fallen irrevocably in love with you a little everyday over the past year” She pecked my lips “I love you”

I froze.

“Say something” she said worried.

“You don’t mean it” I heard myself say.

“Why?” she asked.

A lot of thoughts jumbled in my head all at once. I couldn’t process any of them.

“How could you forgive me for not waiting for you?” I asked. That’s something that I have avoided talking about like a plague.

“Who said I forgave you for not waiting for me?” she replied.

I looked at her confused.

“Why did you never ask for my forgiveness Liam?” she leaned into me.

I remained silent tightening my hold on her waist.

“Why?” she insisted.

“Because it’s unforgiveable” I looked away “It’s not something you should ever forgive me for. I have no right to ask you to do that for me”

“There” she said “You said it” She pulled away and turned to switch off the boiling spaghetti “A part of me will always remember the fact that you didn’t wait for me” she leaned against the counter “A part of me will never be able to forgive you for that. But that part of me is as small as a hundredth of me. The other ninety nine-” she laughed at her own analogy “The rest of me…. why should the rest of me which yearns for you suffer for that little bit of me?”

She took my hand in hers “So let’s just forget that little bit of us and move on. Okay?”

I pulled her into me and wrapped my hands around her waist once again “I just don’t see what I did to have your love. I don’t deserve it”

“If you didn’t deserve it, I wouldn’t have offered it to you no matter how much that would have hurt me. I fell in love with you because you are you. You are kind, patient and righteous. You value your relationships. You know how to love. And above all_” she grinned “You’re hot”

That made the corner of my lips to tuck up.

“I don’t know about the rest but I definitely stand with you on the last one” I said.

She slapped me playfully but then her smile vanished “I want us to have a normal relationship Liam” she said “And that wouldn’t be possible if you don’t leave your guilt behind. From this day on, I don’t want to hear you or anyone else say that you don’t deserve me or our love. You deserve all the love in the world. You have suffered enough. Stop punishing yourself”

Every time I look at her I fall in love with her all over again. That’s how beautiful my mate is.

I know I have to say this now or I wouldn’t ever be able to do this.

“Thank you” I said.

“For what?” She asked.

“For everything” I replied “Thank you for loving me. Thank you for coming back to me. Thank you for giving me Dan. Thank you for being my mate” I breathed “Thank you for being born” she smiled “I would have been a mess without you” I finished.

She placed her palm softly on my cheek “I feel so beautiful when I see myself in your eyes” she smiled “Thank you”

She wouldn’t believe how lucky I feel every time she smiles at me.

I smiled back and leaned to capture her soft lips into mine.



“Okay” I fanned my face with my hand “Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be nervous” I kept chanting.

“Eva calm down sweetheart” my mother said patting my cheeks “They would ask for your blood”

Sara giggled from the corner and earned my glare.

“I have never done this before mom” I whined.

“Everyone does it for the first time only, Eva” Emma said “You can’t get marked twice”

“Yeah, real helpful” I sighed “I don’t know okay. There will be so many of them watching me. It feels weird”

“You’re the alpha’s mate. The people need to be present in the celebration” my mother explained

“I just want get over with this night” I cried.

“Owww” Ruby whistled “Someone’s eager to visit her new room”

“If it’s away from the crowd” I gave ruby a pointed glare “Yes”

“Its time” Evan poked his head into the room “You look beautiful chipmunk” he winked at me before vanishing.

“Let’s go” Emma said.

My mother kissed me on my forehead “I trust your trust baby. You are beautiful”

I smiled holding back my tears “I love you mom”

“I love you too. Now go. Be strong”

I took a deep breath and followed Emma.

I met my dad outside standing with Zach and Nick. Zach was holding a box of tissue up for dad.

“Dad come on” I shook my head in amazement “How do you manage to squeeze buckets of water out of those eyes”

“Shut up” he said wiping his nose.

“You know no one’s dying today, don’t you?” I just had to make sure; you never know what my dad’s brain cooks “I’m just getting married the traditional way. That’s it. Back to real life tomorrow” I hugged him.


Liam held his hand for me. I took it as I climbed the podium.

“You look stunning” he whispered only for me to hear.

A blush climbed my face “Thank you” I said “You don’t look bad yourself”

He smiled “You have nothing to be nervous about. If you can’t process anything, just follow my lead and you’ll be mine at the end of all these chaos” My eyes rose to meet his and I was floored by the amount of eagerness and love in them.

That’s all it took for my nerves to calm down.


The full moon was shining bright when we both shifted. I wasn’t looking at the crowd. I was only looking at my mate’s eyes. I didn’t hear what they were saying, I just followed his lead.

My wolf’s happiness was mirrored in his’. They both looked at each other before turning their heads to position their face to each other’s neck.

And then it happened. They both sunk their teeth into the other’s body at the same time.

The crowd erupted in joy.

A jolt like nothing before ran through me. For the first few moments, I felt drugged and then the other emotions sipped in. I looked at Liam and his eyes reflected the feeling that mine held.

The feeling of being complete.


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