The Alpha and the Vigilante✔️

Before Continuing...


I published the first chapter of this story about 3-4 months ago, and completed it a few weeks ago. After a few weeks of reading the comments for the book, I feel like there’s a few things I should warn you about.

1. This book will have a lot of violence. If you don’t like reading about it, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! It is present in most of the chapters and will be hard to skip over.

2. This book contains complicated, imperfect, and deeply flawed characters. If you are expecting two perfect mates who love each other intensely right off the bat, you are in the wrong place. It’s not a rejection story, but the main characters are not going to be all lovey-dovey at first sight. Again, if this is an issue, just don’t read it. If you’re also going to stop reading the book before there’s character development, then just don’t waste your time and don’t read it at all.

3. One of the main characters has some of their tongue cut out. For this reason, they cannot talk. There are people born without part of their tongue, and people who have to have their tongue removed for medical reasons. For this reason, comments about how gross it is that she can’t talk/ doesn’t have a tongue are honestly just not really appreciated. If you don’t want to read a story about someone who doesn’t have a tongue, then don’t.

4. This is a supernatural book that does not take place during modern times in the world you know. The characters are werewolves. They do not abide by normal human customs/ rules/ behaviors. Keep this in mind as you try to understand the characters.

Remember that this is a story that I wrote. You may not like all of the character’s actions or plot lines. That’s because I cannot tailor the book to each individual’s liking. If at any point you don’t like the story and don’t want to read it any more, then please just stop reading it. It’s unnecessary to bash on every line of it just because you disagree with how I chose to write my own book. When you read others’ books, you run the risk of not liking what they contain. This is a free app and a free book, just close the book when you no longer enjoy it! (And no- when you decide to comment that you’re no longer going to read the book, not a single person cares. You don’t have to inform everyone about your actions. Unless you’re Harry Styles, whoever plays Roderick in Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1&2, or Timothée Chalamet, ain’t nobody give a frick what you’re doing, buttercup).

However, if you like non-cliché werewolf stories with violence, smart ass comments, violence, a badass female main character, and unbelievable character development…..


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