#TFW (That Feeling When) ⚊ Lee Hees...

✗ twenty three ✗

⚊ chapter twenty three

It’s finally the night of the ball, the thing I’m excited about and at the same time, I’m dreading for.

Heeseung assured me in his messages his parents have heard so much about me, so I don’t have anything to be nervous about. My brother upon seeing my face earlier, has also said the Lee’s might be strict to their youngest son, but they treated his friends like a family.

He could confirm that from the last time they were gushing over him.

But the thing is, my brother, in anywhere he goes, people would love him.

It runs in his blood – he doesn’t have to do anything extra and he’ll still be the main character everywhere.

I was still lamenting about this fact as Yuna were doing my hair, my mom on the make up and Ryujin was there for emotional support and to run around the rooms to pick up some accessories from my mom’s jewelry.

“What time is he coming?”, Yuna asked as she put loose curls down my shoulder.

“Seven”, I answered. I looked at my phone in my lap, it says 5:48 pm by now.

My mom let out a sigh of relief, “Good, now sit back and face me so I can do your make up, Sunny”

“Is it okay with you that she’ll be going with Heeseung?”, Ryujin wondered, making me widen my eyes for her to stop.

The questions would start all over again. I’m just thankful my family is familiar with Heeseung, they didn’t refuse the idea of him taking me as a date in this ball for his parents.

“Yes”, my mom said cheerfully as she worked on in my face.

“Do you like him for her?”, Ryujin asked once again, it shocked me so much, I backed away from the eyeliner.

Yuna’s face couldn’t be described as she watched me scrambling back into my seat and trying to act properly before my mom. I was making it out like there was something to panic from.

It’s not like anything’s going to happen.

I explained to my parents that Heeseung wanted me to be his date, so his mom wouldn’t force him to ask any of her friends’ daughters, someone he knew nothing of.

God, this is how I’m becoming emotionally unstable.. There have been so many lies now in the past few weeks for them.

The three helped me put on my dress that had the most gorgeous tulle style of light blue fabric. It had the layered straight neckline for the off-shoulder, sparkling skirt and an amazing ribbon lace in the back that I loved.

I was so happy that I could find this simple but cute dress from that shop in the mall.

“How does it look on me?”, I asked as I turned towards my friends and mother.

The make up that my mom did is beautiful. She copied those teary dewy make up that she had watched from a certain youtube channel. She said she wanted me to look my best, and that I will probably turned heads my way for tonight.

“I don’t know what’s with you and Heeseung, but Sunny, you look like a fairy, a beautiful fairy”, Ryujin complimented me before taking me in a hug.

I smiled after we break away from each other, “Thank you”

Yuna pulled me into a hug as well before whispering into my ear, “I’m sure you’ll get another kiss from him at midnight”

My face flushed without a fail to her suggestions. Now that I think of it, Heeseung and I hadn’t kissed since the first time. In the last time we see each other, he was about to do it, not until my brother barged into the room.

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