Tempted By My Boss{Complete}

Chapter 15-Distance

“Do you think I’m some whore that needs to be tested out!, I’m not one of your mistresses or your flings! I am a human being not just some challenge for you! The audacity you have to even think that you could just use me like some toy! You are just a sick bastard.” Hailey spat out the words.

Valerian got up abruptly and left the room, she didn’t see him for the rest of the night. The next morning he wasn’t back. She finished packing and then she had some breakfast. She took her bags when it was time to depart. She went downstairs and saw a car waiting for her.

She got into the car and saw Valerian sitting across, he didn’t even look up or speak to her. He was reading the papers in his hands. She also didn’t say anything and they drove to the airport in silence. when they got there, they boarded onto the jet.

They didn’t say a thing to each other and Hailey decided to go to sleep because she was tired. She woke up when the air hostess told her to fasten her seat belt as they were about to land. She did so and when they landed, they got into the car and they dropped her off first.

She opened her apartment door and felt a weird sense, she really wanted to go back to the Maldives. She put her bag down and put on pajamas it was eight at night and she went straight to bed. She was tossing and turning thinking about the events that took place.

It made her angry to think that Valerian thought she was cheap. And the most ridiculous thing was all because she was nice to guys. The funny part he was a man whore, not her. She was barely in any relationship. And what baffled her the most was that instead of apologizing he ignores her as if It was her fault.

It was Monday morning, and she was still boiling with so much rage that she just decided to skip work. To hell with it, Hailey switched off her phone and didn’t care if she was fired at all. Monday lead to her skipping work, and also on Tuesday.

When she switched on her phone, she noticed she had so many missed calls, probably voicemails saying that she was fired. She ended up skipping work too on Wednesday and she just watched t.v the whole day.

Her doorbell rang, and she ignored it. Screw whoever is at her door.

The following day, she slept through it. It was now nigh-time.


She suppressed a yelp when she saw Valerian standing in her doorway, how had he even gotten into her apartment? As if he guessed her question. “I broke your door down, I will get it fixed,” Valerian said and she was at a loss for words.

Valerian broke down her door, he was concerned that something had happened to her. He hadn’t heard from her in four days and she wasn’t answering any calls. He had come earlier during the week but she didn’t answer the door.

He walked through her leaving room and into her room, it was a mess there. They were papers and clothes lying everywhere. The windows weren’t opened and when he spotted her, she was slumped on her bed which made him really worried.

“Hailey?” She turned a fraction. He could tell he had frightened her, as she looked ready to scream. Then she realized it was him. She then had a confused expression on her face as to how he was there. He looked at her and noticed that she didn’t look her best. Her hair was not brushed and she had circles under her eyes.

Valerian went over to her bed and her eyes didn’t show anything. “Why haven’t you come to work?” He asked her.

She looked at him, “Seriously, you came all this way to fire me, you man-whore.” He was taken aback by her words, she looked like she could breathe fire.

“No Hailey, I was very concerned about you and your whereabouts.”

“Well you have found me, Sir, now you can fire me and be on your way.”

He looked at her and he felt exasperated. “I didn’t come here to fire you, you can sulk and cry all you want but I better see you at work on Monday!”

With that, he walked out.

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