stuck with him

8. chapter

* 1 month later *

It’s been one month and I haven’t heard anything from Nate, we haven’t talked since our last conversation where I embarrassed him in front of his friends.

Honestly, I’m fine with Nate not being in my life, he was annoying anyways.

I was getting ready for an event at my school. It’s like a party, but legal for us. If you could say it like that.

Anisa said she would pick me up, because Angi isn’t coming. She has a stupid date with her boyfriend. We were so excited for this party, but she didn’t want to cancel the date with Steve.

I was changing into my dress. It was an emerald green dress. Not too long, but not too short.

I was just vibing to Wonderland by Taylor Swift, when I heard Anisas car.

– – –

We were finally there and many people were already dancing and singing to the music, which was blasting through the whole hall.

After a few minutes Anisa and I went to get something to drink, it was juice of course.

Then we started dancing too, I wouldn’t usually dance at a school event, but we had so much fun and I didn’t care about anything.

Then I spot Nate, he was sitting there with some random girl, who was just laughing about something he said, then he whispered something into her ear while suddenly looking over to me.

I froze as he looked me up and down, but then my attention went back to Anisa.

“Laska, why aren’t you dancing with me?”, she yelled because of the loud music.

“I need some air.”, I yelled back.

“I’ll be right back.”

I struggled to leave the dance floor, because of all the people, but then I was finally outside.

I sat down onto the stairs in front of the door.

I was checking my phone, when I saw a selfie that Angi send me.

It was Steve and her smiling in a restaurant, she wore a red dress and red lipstick.

They looked so cute.

I responded.

It looks like you guys have fun ❤️

Then the door opened behind me, I didn’t even bother to turn around.

Someone sat down next to me and I could already smell who it was.

“Why are you here Nate?”, I asked annoyed.

“Just getting some air.”


“Alaska…”, he turned to me.


“You look…”, he began.

“Nate please don’t destroy…”

“…beautiful.”, he finished his sentence.


“I said you look beautiful.”, he repeated himself.

“Is this a joke?”

“God Alaska, just take the compliment!”, he chuckled.

I just smiled at him.

“You look good too…”

“Thanks”, he answered.

“Look how easy it is to accept a compliment.”, he said.

I just punched him in his arm and we both laughed.

Is this really happening?

Is this the end to our hateship?

“You’re still ugly on the inside tho.”, he said.

I guess not.

“Nate you-“

He stood up and ran away from me. I ran after him.

Then it started to rain. We both stopped and looked at each other.

He looked so good with wet hair.

And the I realized, that was my opportunity.

I ran to him and was about to catch him, when I slipped. On him.

We both fell to the ground.

I couldn’t stop laughing.

I was sitting on him, but the he turned us around, so I was the one on the ground.

He looked so serious, so I stopped laughing.

We stared at each other.

He just looked at me when suddenly Anisa came.

“Laska, what are you doing?”, she asked.

“I was uhm- I slipped.”, I answered.

“Yeah right.”, she said while looking to me and then to Nate.

“I really want to leave Laska.”

– – –

I was finally at home. In my room. In my bed. Thinking about what happened today.

Is Nate Flores attractive?

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