Steven Universe x reader

A/N (might rewrite story or discontinue)

This story has gotten a lot of attention and I see y’all commenting still. 👀

I left this story alone for sometime and when I looked back and re-read everything honestly I didn’t like the direction and how it was playing out. My ideas and motivation disappeared and as well as me on this platform. 😬

If you guys still want more of this cringe story I MIGHT choose to rewrite it. Obviously lots of parts will be changed and different, I’m open to adding different things if I do rewrite it in the future.

So if anyone has any suggestions like plot lines or problems, I won’t be adding in any oc’s requested (mostly cuz I don’t want to write your oc wrong) also feedback and parts that you dislike and don’t want to be in it is very helpful.

I’m going to keep this story up, I was planning to write Genshin characters x reader but then I remembered this story. So maybe this is the last update on this story or maybe not, I haven’t decided.

Thanks for reading Stay safe

– Yuri-chan

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