Soulmate Sebastian x reader

CH 13 Who Said Kabedon Can't Be Done By Girls?

In chapter 12~

“What’s wrong?!” Baldroy shouted at the girl worriedly.

Mey-Rin lifted her hand up and pointed towards the cell…

Inside the cell where Henry was was blood all over…

“Oh dear,” Y/n said as she saw what happened, she looked over at Sebastian who was next to her.

“Looks like we’ll be staying here for a while…,” Y/n said as she sighed.

“Indeed,” Sebastian replied.


“H-Hey this is…”

“Master Barrymore…” Angela stammered as she looked inside the cage.


When Angela opened the door a man rushed inside.

“D…d…devil dog…,” He panted as he kneeled down.


The Phantomhive members rushed outside to where Jame’s dog was attacked to see the villagers all kneeled down as they chanted the song once more.

“What has happened?” Y/n asked.

Baldroy grabbed a villager by their shoulders as he shouted, “What are you doing?!”

Just then the lightning stroke and a figure was leaning against the stone brick wall.

Henry’s body covered in blood was leaning against the stone brick wall.

Mey-Rin, Baldroy and Finny let out a shriek. Sebastian walked towards the body to examine it and Y/n did the same. Y/n kneeled besides Sebastian and her eyes caught something.

“Sebastian,” Y/n whispered. “Look at this,”

She lifted up a arm with its hand ripped out. Sebastian took the arm from her hand and looked at it more closely.

“D…Demon Dog! Please forgive us!” The villagers screamed in fear.

Angela let out a shaky breathe as she her eyes closed and her body fell to the ground.

“Angela-san!” Finny shouted as he rushed towards the silver-blue haired woman and lifted her head from the ground.


“With that, the case is at an end,” Sebastian mocked. “Having declared such thing, this is rather unfortunate, isn’t it? Young Master?” 

“Shut up,” Ciel replied.

The wind howled as Sebastian asked how Angela was.

“We’ve put her to bed for the time being,” Mey-Rin said.

“Hn, she must have had a shock…,” Y/n continued…however, her voice didn’t sound meaningful and full of concern…it had more of a despising and disgusted tone. Sebastian raised an eyebrow.

“I hope Angela-san is alright…,” Finny said worry evident in his tone.

“This village completely isolated itself from the rest of society as they feared the curse of the Devil Dog. The existence of the Devil Dog was supposed to be a trick that Henry created to rule the village…however, that same Henry has now…” Ciel trailed off as he remembered the bloody image of Henry.

“Those bite marks…it does seem like they really are the Devil Dog’s work…don’t they…what if, the Demon Dog was angered by the villagers and really killed Henry?!” Mey-Rin shouted distressed.

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