Somebody To Love (#4)

CHAPTER 25: He Left Me

Harper’s POV:

“Is this ruby?” I asked Gareth brushing my finger over the red gem on the ring he gave me.

“Yes.” He answered. “Ruby and diamond.”

“Why the hell did you buy such an expensive ring?” I faced him as he was sitting beside me on the bedsheet we had spread on his terrace.

Wrapping his arm around my shoulder, he pulled me closer. “You are Gareth Wilbrose’s fiance, honey.” He said arrogantly and I smacked him on his shoulder making him chuckle as he pressed a kiss to the side of my head.

I gazed up at the sky and I felt him staring at me. A moment passed and he called my name in a serious tone. “Harper…”

I looked at him.”Yes?”

“You are a blessing to me. Did I tell you that?” My heart warmed with love.

“Nope. You didn’t tell me.” I said playfully.

He smiled softly. “Well, I am telling you now. You are a blessing to me. You took away the loneliness from this house. You brought life to it.”

Leaning closer I kissed his cheek. “Thank you.”

In return of it, he kissed my cheek. “No. Thank you.”

“If I have to, I can lay my life for you.” He stated firmly, with a genuine promise that almost made me emotional.

“Oh, please do.” I teased. “So, that all your money could be mine.”

He laughed at that. “I’ll make sure I die first so that my lovely fiance could get all my money.”

I laughed along with him but when my laughter subsided, I placed my hand over his. “Gareth…you are not going to leave me, are you?”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”

“You better. Because if you ever did, I will hunt you down and kill you with my bare hands.” I warned.

“I’m sure you will do that.” He chuckled.

I smiled placing my head on his shoulder and he rested his head on top of mine as we both became silent.

A minute passed by when I asked. “Have you thought of any names for the child?”

“Didn’t you say that you will name the child?”

“Well…” I said sheepishly. “I’m open to suggestions.”

He let out a small chuckle and spoke. “I did think of a name. For a girl.”

“What is it?”


“Leona. Where did you find that? Google?”

“It was your mother’s name.” He whispered softly, looking at me waiting for my reaction.

“I’m sorry…what did you say?”

“I…um…well you said your mother died while giving birth so…I did a bit of digging and found out that your mother’s name. Leona. She was just twenty.”

My mouth had fell open and his eyes roamed my face waiting for me to say something. When I didn’t, he start to ramble. “I’m sorry. I should have asked you before finding out all this. I thought you might like to know your mother’s name since you didn’t know anything about her and–“

I pressed my lips on his cutting him off as usual. He reacted a moment later, kissing me back slowly and softly.

Biting his lower lip gently, I pulled back. “You ramble a lot.” I whispered.

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