LVIII- Surprise Present

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*I hate Rogue even more than I already did. Read and join me in my hate.


“What happened?” Kal said, breaking the silence after half an hour of driving. He’d guessed that Greyson didn’t want to talk before, judging by Greyson’s pissed off expression.

“Rogue.” Greyson spat his name out like it was poison. “On her fucking birthday off all days.”

“What did he do? All I heard was Indianna screaming and then you mind linked for me to drive,” Kal said.

“He sent her texts.”

“How did he even get her number!” Kal gasped.

“I don’t know,” Greyson snapped. “I don’t want to think about it. I just want Indie to have a nice time away.”

Kal nodded and Greyson sighed, looking down at Indianna. Her cheeks were puffy and red from the crying. She was shaking in her sleep and looked sickly pale. “She’ll get distracted when we get to Janson’s pack. She’ll be fine.”

“She’s tough,” Kal nodded.

Greyson murmured in agreement and turned his attention back to his mate.


“Entering Janson’s territory now,” Kal said after a few hours of driving.

Greyson nodded and gently shook Indianna awake. She rubbed her eyes and shifted so she was resting her head on Greyson’s shoulder. She reached for his hand and squeezed tightly. “Sorry about earlier,” she said quietly. “I don’t know what happened. I just freaked out.”

“Don’t apologise,” Greyson said and traced circles with his thumb on Indianna’s palm. “You had every right to react the way you did.”

“Sorry about hitting you,” Indianna whispered.

“I said don’t apologise,” Greyson said and wiped Indianna’s cheek as a tear fell. “I want you to relax while we’re here. Enjoy your birthday. Forget about Rogue.”

“That’s harder than it sounds-“

“Try,” Greyson begged and Indianna looked up at him. She took a deep breath and nodded. Greyson smiled slightly and kissed Indianna.

“We’re here!” Kal announced and Indianna pulled away from Greyson and looked out of the window. The location reminded Indianna of the pack house back home, but this pack house didn’t seem as grand as theirs.

A guy with light brown hair walked out of the house as Greyson and Indianna got out of the car. Greyson kept a protective arm around Indianna until they reached the guy and then Greyson gave him a manly hug.

“Greyson!” The guy said happily. “How’s things?”

“Janson,” Greyson said and the two men pulled apart. “Things are about as well as they can be.”

“Is everything alright?” Janson wondered. The two of them were good friends, he could tell that Greyson was angry and he looked at Indianna who had clearly been crying.

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