She Found Solace With Him



We were seated in the living room, having a nice family time when all of a sudden, it was interrupted by a knock on the door. ‘ who’s that’ I asked myself.

” Jesse, please check who is that the door ” mum said. “The security didn’t inform me of any one’s arrival ” she added.

I lazily stood up and went to open the door only to behold a beauty, a goddess in human form. At that moment, I could have sworn that anyone would agree with me that she deserved to be crowned MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD. Her makeup. goshh…. Complemented her face, not too heavy, not too light.

” Daniel…. ” Her voice echoed piercing through my thought. I just cleared my throat and smiled. She seemed to be checked me out and that brought out a feeling, a warm, cozy feeling, a feeling that has been lost for years. Then I recognized her. KATE, Daniel’s wife. GOD. She looked different. When I came back six months ago, I was told of her and shown her pictures. She looked beautiful. There was a time that I secretly tracked her to her house and followed her. But then she was not glowing, she was not even as beautiful as she looked in the pictures I was shown. It looked like she supposedly made herself unattractive and off course Daniel was the reason but now I was seeing a totally different person.

” You must be Kate ” I said and and she immediately composed herself and answered. Then she blushed. She actually blushed. Her reaction alone made the knot in my belly come loose. I brought my hand forward and introduced myself. She accepted it and we shook hands. When we touched, I felt Sparks moving around my body. I was so lost in her beauty.

” Jesse who’s there? ” I heard mum’s voice bringing me out of my own little world. I opened the door and step aside as she let herself in happily

‘Why is she happy?Does she know that Daniel is coming back?Who told her ?’

I kept asking my self these questions. ” Hi mum, hi Dad ” she greeted. I closed the door and approached them. I saw a surprised mum and dad. And as for nanny Mary, her head was down. Then the realization hit me. Off course she was the one who told Kate. Considering the way she always speaks good of Kate. And poor Kate got herself a new makeover and came here happily waiting impatiently for her husband. I felt so sorry for her. The poor ignorant woman did not know what the future had installed for her. She looked so happy that I wondered if she would ever be able to handle the incoming heart break.

This was why mum and dad suggested not to tell her anything yet so that they could find the best way way to break the news to her but Nanny Mary just had to tell her. She must really love him. I couldn’t help being angry at Daniel knowing what he would be subjecting this poor woman to.

“What are you doing here? ” Mum asked still shocked. Instead of replying, she went towards them and hugged them as a good daughter in-law but they didn’t return it.

” Fine, I know you guys are suprised to see me. Well a little birdie told me that Daniel is on his way back ” she said smiling. ” Who told you? ” Mum asked almost immediately and turned to looked at Nanny Mary who was no where to be seen. Turns out she had sneaked away. ” That woman” mum muttered she was audible to our hearing. ” Mum common, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am here now ” she said. ” Aren’t you guys happy to see me?” She asked but none of them answered. How will they be happy to see her when her presence here will just cause trouble? Seeing that they were still mute, she added ” mum, dad, I know that you guys wanted Daniel to come see me himself which would have been very romantic. Trust me, I would have loved that too. Butttt… I couldn’t wait. I want my face to be the first thing he is greeted with immediately before he steps into this house. “

‘ OH MY GOD ‘ I exclaimed inwardly ‘ what an ignorant woman. ‘ ” mum, dad why are you guys not saying anything. Are you not happy to see me ?” She complained. Dad, who had not said anything since she came back due to shock immediately stood up and hugged her. “My daughter, we are excited to see you. It is just that your visit is unexpected. We’re glad you’re here. Just go upstairs and unpack. Your room is opened “. Kate did not seem happy to hear what he said. She looked at mum who was still seated looking dazed and then looked at dad again. The sparkle in her eyes had disappeared as she sensed that something was wrong. She quietly took her luggages and went upstairs. Well, that was expected.

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