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important note

Hey guys!

I just want to thank everyone who had enjoyed my story so far. But I realized that this story doesn’t make any sense. Especially the contract that Mr King signed. People have already told me that it is impossible and stuff like that, and I’ve actually considering raking down the story to fix that.

I’m not saying I’m taking it down because people have commented that (because they’re actually helpful) I just may take it down so that it isn’t as confusing.

Before I started writing, I did a bit of research, and even after I started writing. But I was too focused on the contract part, that I forgot about the lawyer being there for the contract to be sighed, their age and how Ace can just say no to get out of the contract, etc.

So I’m sorry for that. Oh! And my grammar issue as well. I know I have thousands of spelling mistakes, and I apologize for that. I want to update as soon as I can so you guys don’t have to wait that long, and I forget to edit the chapter. I’ll be editing them now so I may not update in a while. And because I have exams as well.

Sorry for wasting your time!

– Bella

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