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~~ How it goes ~~

Kara Wilson is your average student, studying economics which she loves with passion. Kara has only one clause in her life, and that’s her mom’s boss -the bipolar Stephano Alfonsi- who is overly protective of her despite his naturally cold demeanor. Kara believes Stephano hates her and would do just about anything to get away from him, hence her passion to become a ricco, (rich) herself one day.

Stephano Alfonsi has only ever has his eyes on one woman. And that is his Cook’s sweet daughter, Kara Wilson. The only way he can show his fare and not be seen as too obvious is by treating her coldly and wearing a hard expression whenever she is around him. Stephano isn’t willing to be considerate enough to actually leave his little prey alone, especially now that she is grown up and he has no reason to keep her from being in a relationship.

She is all he wants.

She belongs to him.


Timeline.Started: 29″03″2018Ended: 23″08″2019

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* Gonzalo – Gonzalo and Rosa’s story (Gonzalo is Kara’s friend from SBTTB and they grew up in the Alfonsi mansion and he was among the workers Stephano took with him to his own mansion. He was once attracted to Kara before Stephano sent him off)

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