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Defend Me

It’s over! Thank you for being on this journey with me. It’s crazy to think I finished another story. But don’t be alarmed, Blake and Krissy aren’t done yet. Stay tuned for the sequel, Defend Me. Go and add it to your library right now!


Seven years later, who would have thought Blake Tyler and Kristina Reagan wouldn’t be together. They were high school sweethearts, just seeking a future together. And now, they barely know each other.Blake is now the #1 quarterback in the National Football League. He’s focused on being the best and winning the best. He does nothing more than live and breathe football, not caring about the rest.Kristina is busy studying to pass her bar exam. With less than a year before having to take the gruesome test, she is focused on becoming the best lawyer out there. She’s currently working at a firm as an intern when she gets an assignment. She is to help defend the ignorant athlete that got caught drunk driving.So what happens when Blake Tyler asks Krissy Reagan for help? Will old feelings stir back up or will they keep their new relationship strictly professional?

~~~~~~Go and add it to your library! It’s completed and ready for you to binge.xoxo,Liv814

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