Scars between us✔️(JJK•FF)

Section of veracity

I felt frustrated and pissed. This was supposed to be mine and Y/N’s time but she had to invite Jungkook who doesn’t leave her, and she is more than fine with it.

I don’t understand, what does Jungkook have that I lack. They would have never met in the first place, if I did not introduce Y/N to the group.


I was walking down hallway with Y/N. She is new to this school, so I was walking her around, showing her everything. She is very nice.

It’s been few weeks since she joined our school. She is quite introverted, I somehow managed to be friends with her.

She is the type where you need to approach her. She is cute. I think I might have developed a liking for her. She has a slight dimple when she smiles and it’s adorable. It gives me butterflies in my stomach.

The bell rang indicating it was break. A rush of students came out of the classroom.

“Do you want to meet my friends?” I asked turning to Y/N

She gave me a akward smile as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Ummm.. I don’t know.. won’t they be annoyed if I am there?” She asked cutely

“Oh no it won’t be a problem” I said

She remained silent as she contemplated whether to go with me or not.

“So?” I asked

“Yeah sure. Why not?” She said

I smiled at her and she smiled back. I led to the cafeteria as she followed behind me. I saw my group of friends and approached them. The girls were sitting on the table right beside them

“Hey guys!” I said taking in all their attention.

“Oh hello hyung” Jungkook said glancing behind me

“Oh! This is Y/N. She is new here, so would you mind if she sat with us?” I asked

“Oh no not at all! The more the merrier” Jin hyung said

Y/N slightly nodded her head as she waved at them as a sign of saying hello. She sat down beside Jungkook.

Throughout the entire break she spoke to Jungkook a lot and I did not really get her attention. She then spoke to the girls a bit and then break ended.

Ever since that day, her and Jungkook’s communication has been maximum.


If only, I had not introduced her to them and kept her to myself she would be mine today. She would not have to go through all the pain, she went through. I would trust her and love her to my best. I would love her and respect her the way she deserves it cause I am not Jungkook.

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